How to Use Trello to Manage Your Blog Content

November 29th, 2022

Do you need a better way to manage your blog content?

Are you looking for a tool to explain your blog workflow from start to finish?

Here’s how to use Trello to manage your blog content. You’ll discover how to effectively organize how you brainstorm, write, and publish your blog content with Trello.

#1: Create a Trello Board for your Blog workflow

Trello can be a solution for managing your blog content from the beginning of searching for ideas to publication.

If you are new to Trello, Trello is an online tool for organizing things together that can be accessed via the internet. You will have a board that our team can use to manage the project we are doing.

What makes Trello an ideal tool for this workflow is that you can organize them neatly and chronologically across the board to support blog content creation.

You can start by signing up for a free Trello account . Paid accounts are also available, but a free account is also sufficient to generate content for your blog.

After signing up, you’ll have access to your main and team pages, which link all the boards and teams you’re a member of. Boards are  Trello’s main interface ; You will spend most of the time here. If you have a blogging team, you will control the creation of blog content from your forum.

Trello login

Login to your trail account, then you can access your dashboard,

Trello defines a “team” as a collection of boards and people, which you can use to manage your blog and other aspects of your business.

For example, your marketing team may only have one board, but it is part of a series of boards that correspond to divisions in your company (such as Legal, Human Resources, etc.). The first way to use Trello is to create a board

Creating boards for your blog content is easy. Just  click on the Create New Board card.

ate New Board card
ate New Board card

Fill in your Board name directly , for example like your company Blog.

Enter a name for your Trello board and for the team if any.

After creating your board, you can start adding Lists to populate the board. Lists are vertical columns that act as categories for various topics and tasks.

To support the workflow of ideas to publication, click Add a List … and name your first list Blog Ideas , or something similar, that’s up to you. This is where all your blog posts start.

The next list on your board should logically reflect the content creation workflow. For example, name list Articles being Written ( articles being written ) for content that is in progress.

If you want to make a list for Guest posts (which you will offer to other blogs/websites), you can create a list called Articles to Offer (articles offered). You can use this list for all posts that you think are ideal for other blogs to support backlink campaigns.

If someone oversees content standards for your blog (for example, there is an editor), you can create a list titled Sent for Approval (sent for approval)  or something similar.

After you’ve written your first draft of the article, you slide the card from the Articles being Written list to the Sent for Approval list.

Usually, editors or other content managers will review the card whether there are new article entries in this list.

To complete the list on your board,  add a list named Approved/Pending for content that has editorial approval and  add a list named Published (Published)  for content posted on your blog.

#2: Guidelines for Content Ideas

Once you’ve set up your blog workflow on a trello board, the next important thing is to set up a system to start the content creation process. It usually starts with a search for ideas, which is centered on a list of Blog Ideas.

A list like this is best suited for blog ideas submitted by authors to your blog. An editor or a senior person on your team should monitor this list to ensure that ideas from authors are accepted, approved, rejected, or sent back for clarification.

Trello app

If you are familiar with mobile trello app, then you can use mobile feature as well.

Every time you get an idea , add a card to the Blog Ideas list . Cards are individual units in a list. One card usually corresponds to a task you want to accomplish, such as a new idea for a blog topic or a recently submitted article.

To add a card, click Add a Card … at the bottom of the list or click the three dots (…) icon at the top right of the list and select Add Card.

When a team member adds a card to the Blog Ideas list, it’s important to notify an editor or senior on your team.

To do this, click on a card to open it, write in the comments, and share your comment with the team member in question (click the @ sign to find that person). Click Save to make the comment visible to other members of the board.

You can make your comments directed at specific team members.

Using the handy in-card comment field, team members can communicate with each other and move the idea-searching process along.

Suppose a team member adds a card to the Blog Ideas list, the editor can notify the author to provide additional information or formally approve the idea and move it to the Articles being Written list .

Trello Board

Hair style simple tips and tricks to use trello with the highest features.

#3: How to Use Trello with Power-Ups

Even if there isn’t enough space to fit  your blog content  onto the card itself, you can add a link to the comment field. For example, if your content is in Google docs, include a link when you notify the editor that the draft is ready for review.

But a way to use Trello that looks more elegant is to attach content with the Trello power-up feature. Power-ups are additional applications and features that integrate with Trello for increased performance. For example, the Google Drive Power-up will help your team share documents, images, and videos from Google Drive easily on Trello.

To activate the Trello power-up,

  • Click Show Menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select power-ups from the menu.
  • Then choose from the list of power-ups you want to activate .
  • Enable the power of Google Drive to attach content from a Google Doc right to the card.

*Note : You can only choose one power-up when using a free account; However, this should be sufficient if you are using the trello board only for blog content creation.

#4: Move Cards to a New List to See Progress

To progress content in your workflow,  drag and drop cards from left to right across your board . For example, if the card represents completed content, drag it from the Articles being Written list to the Sent for Approval list .

When a card is moved to the Sent for Approval list, editors and authors can communicate with within the card itself. They can tell each other to request changes or updates to blog posts.

When the editor approves the article, moves the card to the Approved/Pending list

Finally, when the article is published on the blog, you can move the card to the Publish list, as the last stop on your board!

#5: File Published Cards Regularly

The next way to use trello is to archive cards on the publish list regularly. This depends on how often you publish content on the blog (large blogs post articles several times a week, while smaller ones tend to post once a week or less often).

Your published list will eventually have lots of cards extending vertically

To clean up your board and make it clear what content is still being worked on and which has been published, archive cards of published blog posts. To do this, open a card from the published list and click Archive in the Actions section.

You will then see “This Card Is Archived” in the top left corner of the card.

After clicking Archive on the Trello card, you’ll see a message at the top of the screen confirming your action.

To access archived content, go to the menu on the right, select more, then click select Archived Items.


Trello is one of the best productivity tools available. Its growing popularity over the last few years is a testament to the great value it offers marketers.

If you manage a blog, Trello will help you track your blog workflow from brainstorming to publication. This tool also provides excellent features if you produce blog content with your team.

What do you think? Have you tried using Trello above to manage your blog content? Any tips on how to use other Trello? Please share with how to use trello in the comments below.

Hostinger Review india: Best Web Hosting And Web Email Services in india

November 27th, 2022

Hostinger Cheapest Web Hosting Plan in india Review: The first step to starting a business or doing anything on the internet is to have a website. However, before you start your business or personal website, you must first learn about and select the best web hosting!

The web hosting that everyone is looking for generally has simple criteria, namely having a stable uptime percentage (above 99%), good host server speed, satisfying customer service, and also providing a conditional 30-day guarantee.

And on this occasion, we will review one of the web hosting that you may have heard of before and are even considering, namely Hostinger.

What is Hostinger? review in inda
Introduction about hostinger

Hostinger is one very large web hosting provider. The company, which has around 29 million web hosting users, was originally named Hosting Media in November 2004. Hostinger was founded in Kaunas, Lithuania. Now, there are more than tens of thousands of new users who have joined as Hostinger users and their offices are spread all over the world including india, in the Special Region of Yogyakarta to be precise.

Hostinger Features and Services at a Price

Hostinger has several packages and features that can be chosen based on customer needs. The following is an explanation.

Shared Web Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting implements a server sharing system with other sites. Various things such as RAM, disk space, CPU, and so on are shared on the same hosting. Shared hosting is a popular web hosting package at a low price which is very suitable for ordinary people and beginners in creating websites.

With disk space of 30 GB (single), 100 GB (premium), and 200 GB (business), you can buy this shared hosting with a cost range of Rs.69/m, Premium Rs.129/m and Business Rs.249 per month.

Cloud Hosting in India

Cloud hosting from Hostinger combines shared hosting with the best VPN features so this Cloud Hosting is included in a package that you can consider buying and using. With Cloud Hosting, you don’t need to share your hosting with other sites; like resources, IP addresses and so on, and free from backend issues as Hostinger will take care of it for you. Apart from that, you will also get free SSL service and protection from Cloudflare. 

hostinger cloud hosting
Cloud hosting on hostinger

With 3 GB of RAM (Start Up), 6 GB (Professional), and 12 GB (Enterprise), you can buy this Cloud Hosting with a cost range of Rs.699 and Rs.5099 per month.

Cheap VPS Hosting India

If your website has high traffic, you should switch to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) host. The system is almost the same as cloud hosting. However, here it is the user who has to be diligent about maintaining, updating, and managing everything including the backend. Host VPN itself is a safer version compared to shared hosting because there are far fewer websites managed by one server so there is minimal impact that may occur.

Hostinger vps hosting
VPS hosting on hostinger

Hostinger claims that their VPS hosts are up to 30 times faster and with zero downtime. With 8 different VPS packages available, the costs required range from 2100 to 3000 per month.

WordPress Hosting

Hostinger provides WordPress hosting services that have a 30 day guarantee! The package prices offered are WordPress Single at Rs. 69/month, WordPress Premium at Rs. 129/month, WordPress Business at Rs. 249/month, and WordPress Pro at Rs. 899/month.

MInecraft Hosting

Minecraft Hosting on Hostinger is meant for you to be able to play the game with the community on your own server. This Minecraft hosting plan also has a 30 day money back guarantee.

CyberPanel VPS Hosting

Hostinger provides CyberPanel VPS Hosting feature services supported by LiteSpeed ​​to make it easier for users to operate things faster. Features available at CyberPanel VPS Hosting include LSCache, GIT Deployment, automatic installation, multi-object caching, easy back up and restore, as well as HTTP/3 and QUIC support. The package price offered ranges from Rs.285– Rs.5999/m.

Google Web Email Hosting

Hostinger provides the best solution for communicating and collaborating with Google Workspace! This workspace combines chat, meet, document, email, and task features in one container. The price per mailbox offered is Rs.480/month.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service run by an email server. Because it is separate from web hosting, you can use this email hosting simultaneously without being affected by each other when a business email configuration occurs. There are two kinds of email hosting packages, namely:

  • Business Starter which provides 10 GB of email capacity and 10 times forwarding rules with a monthly fee of Rs.69/m.
  • Business Premium which provides 30 GB of email capacity and 50 times forwarding rules with a monthly fee of Rs.179/m.

Cheap Domains on Hostinger

Domain on hostinger

Hostinger provides a choice of domains such as (.id), (.online), (.com), etc. according to your needs!

Domain Transfer to Hostinger

There are 4 steps listed by Hostinger if you want to transfer your domain:

  1. type in the domain name you want to transfer
  2. pay the domain transfer fee
  3. enter the EPP code and confirm
  4. receive the domain transfer confirmation email

Then, what are the conditions so that you can transfer the domain? Following are the conditions:

  1. your domain is more than 60 days old since it was first registered or transferred
  2. the domain is not currently in a pending delete/redemption status
  3. make sure you have the domain EPP code
  4. turn off Whois privacy protection

Advantages of Hostinger Compared to Other Web Hosting

Of course, you already have a bit of an idea about Hostinger products based on the description of the packages above. Below are some of Hostinger’s other strengths, which can help you decide if Hostinger is the web hosting you want.

Stable Speed ​​Web Hosting

Hostinger’s speed is stable, although the speed varies and still has to compete with other web hosting providers. Stability itself is a plus point because hosting speed affects the speed and stability of your website. Why is this important? Because the speed of this website has a direct effect on your website’s SEO.

Hostinger Guarantees Above 99% Uptime

Uptime is when the server is working/active/running. This server uptime can be measured from 1 – 100%, and the average good percentage of uptime is 99.8%. Hostinger itself has a very good average uptime of more than 99%.

Then, what happens if the uptime of a hosting is low? If the number is low, then your website server will often experience downtime and cannot be accessed.

Custom Dashboard that is Easy to Operate

Hostinger created a special dashboard called hPanel, as opposed to other web hosts which usually use cPanel. Hostinger’s hPanel provides everything you need, such as automatic installation, MySQL database, file management, account settings, and DNS zone configuration.

hPanel is a user-friendly control panel so users who are used to using cPanel will definitely get used to it quickly and become fluent in using it.

There is a Cache Manager in the Hostinger Control Panel

Cache Manager is a feature that is rarely found on other web hosting. On Hostinger, this cache manager is located in the hPanel. This feature serves to increase the loading speed of your website. 

How do I activate it?

You need to check the “Advanced” column in the hPanel and look for “Cache Manager” then click it.

After entering the “Cache Manager” option, click “Change” and “Purge All”. Well … thus the cache manager is active!

Free SSL Service from Hostinger

Good news! If you had the past of Hostinger’s paid SSL service, now it’s free on all available hosting plans! This free SSL costs Rs.1024 and is quite an impressive offer. 

SSL is useful for protecting your website from being infiltrated, intercepted, or forged by irresponsible parties. Installing this certificate will certainly increase the trust of your website visitors, because both your sensitive information as a user and visitor to your website will be secured.

There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with Hostinger’s service? You can request a refund as long as it is within 30 days of purchasing the hosting. This refund is unconditional yes! So you don’t need to worry. According to Hostinger’s statement, the fee that is returned is the hosting fee only. That means it doesn’t include domains and other additional features.

However, if you buy hosting which is also a free domain at the same time, then you will get a refund along with the domain fee as well. All such requests are only valid for 30 days from the initial purchase. The rest, refund requests will not be served by Hostinger.

Unlimited Features

Hostinger provides several unlimited features for premium users and their businesses! These features include email, bandwidth, websites, and cron jobs.

LiteSpeed Cache WordPress

Litespeed Cache WordPress (LSCWP) is an all-in-one plugin used to speed up websites because it has an exclusive server-level cache and several optimization features. LSCWP is also compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, and Yoast SEO.

System Control GIT Source

GIT is a control system that may be less popular among website users but very important for developers. This is because GIT is an open version control system that can help developers to work on their projects quickly and efficiently, no matter how small or how big the project is.

One-Click Installer

If you buy a premium shared hosting account, then you have a chance to use this one-click installer! This feature is very useful and makes it easy for you to just click once and your favorite application will be installed in no time!

Affordable Initial Web Hosting Prices for Beginners

The main page of the Hostinger website shows very attractive offers for potential buyers. For those of you who are beginners, there is an offer for Rs.69 per month for a shared hosting package. The initial purchase is required to take the 48 month plan, after which a different price will be applied for the next month.

Apart from that, there are also special offers like Black Friday at certain times that offer amazingly low prices! A very promising price for beginners to start their website.

Good Help Service from Hostinger

Customer service is a very important and crucial service for a company. If customer service serves customers well and is friendly, then customers will feel comfortable continuing to subscribe to web hosting at Hostinger. In fact, the customer service support at Hostinger is excellent. They are very responsive and patiently assist customer inquiries.

These assistance services are in the form of a live chat service 24/7/365 (any time!), email, telephone. This is a plus for Hostinger!

Free Hosting Migration

If the hosting subscription expires, lack of capacity, or other reasons occur, you don’t need to pay extra if you want to move your website from the old hosting to Hostinger. This service is also a plus for Hostinger because it makes it very easy for customers to keep running websites without having to start over from the beginning again.

WordPress Optimization

Shared hosting on Hostinger comes with the latest version of WordPress so the website loading speed is among the fastest in the industry. This is great news for small businesses looking to start their own business, as WordPress alone powers 30% of the internet.

Optimized WordPress can improve SEO ranking on search engine pages, visitor retention, and also very high conversions!

Disadvantages of Hostinger

After knowing what Hostinger’s strengths are, you also need to know some of its drawbacks. This is important so that you can have deeper considerations before buying hosting at Hostinger. The following are the points and explanations.

Daily Back Up Not Available

It’s a shame because premium shared hosting is only facilitated with weekly back ups. Daily back up only applies to purchases of business packages of rs.249 per month. Even for single shared hosting, it is not certain to get weekly back ups. This back up can be enjoyed by single and premium users if they buy the features separately with a maximum limit of 10 GB.

Less Competitive Speed

Hostinger has a speed that is less competitive with other web hosting. This is quite unfortunate because the speed of a website is determined by its hosting. And this is also an important SEO determining factor for your website.

However, as mentioned in the strengths section, Hostinger tends to be stable in terms of speed.

Not All Plans Offer a Free Domain

Free domains from Hostinger are only for premium and business plan buyers. For beginners who want to try the single package, you have to buy a domain separately with a price range of Rp. 16,164 for (dot) online domains to Rp. 200,000 for (dot) id domains.

Expensive Renewal Fees

After the 48-month hosting lease expires, web hosting users at Hostinger must pay a renewal fee that is higher than the initial price when they just bought hosting.

This is indeed a marketing technique for the majority of hosting service providers.

At Hostinger itself, the renewal fee ranges from ₹159.00/mo for a single package to ₹499 for a business package per month.

Hostinger promo coupon code

If you are searching for the best of from hostinger, for your next shared hosting, VPS hosting, or wordpress hosting then you are welcome here to know all the latest offers from hostinger.

We glad to inform you that we are updating all the latest offers in this article so you can bookmark this page with your browser to browse again and again.

Black Friday offer from hostinger

Here is the latest offers we have for you in the November 2022, you can also check out the Christmas offers in December as well.

Hostinger latest offer
Black Friday offer from hostinger

This offer you don’t need any coupon code to apply I just select your plan and place an order to activate. Thousands of people were already avail this offers in November 2022.

You may get the best discount ever on Hostinger by purchasing any shared, VPS, or WordPress hosting package from Hostinger during the month of November by taking advantage of their current Black Friday offer.

How Does Hostinger Stand Out from the Web Hosting Competition?

Apart from Hostinger, there are many other hosting service providers that provide competitive features and facilities. However, as previously discussed, Hostinger has hosting prices that are very cheap for beginners in both business and websites. This is what makes Hostinger survive and enter the ranks of hosting service providers that are often chosen by the public!

Is Hostinger Worth the Purchase?

Hostinger is worth buying for those of you who are beginners when it comes to managing websites and managing small businesses too! Apart from that, there is also a one-click feature for WordPress, good service from customer service and also a user-friendly dashboard that is very practical for novice users.

With beginner friendly facilities and features and low prices, Hostinger is a hosting service provider worth considering. If later you need a larger capacity and other more complete features, you can upgrade your hosting to the Premium package, OK?

How to Buy Web Hosting at Hostinger?

How to buy web hosting at Hostinger is very simple, as simple as 4 steps!

  1. Enter the Hostinger website page , select the web hosting service you want.
  2. Choose the duration of your subscription. The longer it is, the cheaper the subscription price will be because the discount is automatically obtained.
  3. After that, fill in the column for creating an account to log in using email, Facebook, or Gmail.
  4. Then select the payment option. You can pay with credit card options, PayPal, bank transfer, Alfamart, OVO, and also Bank India.


In general, hostinger is the biggest hosting company with very good service. If you are planning on building your website this year, you should consider Hostinger an option before subscribing to another cheap web host. This is a complete review of Hostinger that is worth buying for beginners. Hopefully this review helps you to start a website for your business. Good luck!