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PUBG Mobile Tricks & Glitches, you hardly Know: TDM Mode & Classic (Erangel) Map Locations

Pubg mobile tricks and glitches are here,  We all know that the pubg mobile is an epic battle royal game. It is famous world wide. every day. The popularity of this battle Royal game is increasing. As tencent has launched pubg mobile lite and pubg pc Lite in India. Now players can play pubg in low end devices and pcs too.

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Staying alive in PUBG Mobile isn’t for the faint of heart, it takes some real discipline and know-how


PUBG Mobile Map Locations

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The horde of people is increasing day by day and everyone wants to be famous. And to play like, an pro player. And wants more kills which they can’t do easily specially in Asia server. So Indians wants hacks or cheats to score more kills. And to get chicken dinner, many people searches.

“how to hack pubg mobile” on google. So today we have taken the tips and tricks to cheat in pubg mobile .( Which is not right, we won’t recommend you to use this cheats or glitches. to cheat in game. If you will use this then your I’d may get blocked)

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Here are some tricks/glitches to cheat –

1. Wall hack (glitch)

If you will go near the wall from inside or outside the house then you will be able to see, the enemy through the wall.

What you have to do – you have to go near the wall and then you have to open the scope. And you have to move the angle of view .Then you will be able to kill/see your enemy through the wall.

Note:- this glitch works in some places and this is a glitch it may be fixed by pubg.

2:- bridge camp hack/glitch ( this is exclusive on our site)

When you drops at military base or Novo after looting you have to return to the safe zone. But sometimes the campers blockes the bridge. And when you passes from there you get killed. So you too want to camp the bridge to get more kills. But that is not easy now so this trick will help you.

What you have to do- you have to go near the van and turn the Sprint button on. Then continuously punch. After that go prone there then you will get inside the van there nobody can see you. And kill you but you can easily kill anyone.

Note:- these are glitches try them carefully this may kill you too in game.

So thank you friend’s for reading you have given me your precious time I am very thankful.

Pubg mobile tricks & glitches Click here.

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