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Pubg mobile tips and tricks and top glitches 2019,

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Pubg mobile tips and tricks. Pubg mobile top glitches 2019/pubg mobile tips and tricks for easy winning,

Pubg  mobile tips and tricks. Pubg is an epic battle Royal game, and this is loved by every age group. As it gives us the feel of a real commando. The developer of pubg are growing it day by day. But every time because to some technical glitches players are able to cheat in game which is fun for some players. And this is a worst feeling too for the players who fell die because of this glitches.  who takes it as fun wants more glitches. And we are continuously discovering glitches for our readers in pubg mobile(pubg mobile tips and tricks). This is awesome to have the knowledge about the glitches in pubg mobile. So here are some more awesome glitches of pubg mobile. By using this glitches you can get easy dinner. Pubg mobile tips and tricks

1.motor bike glitch

When you land on military base you can find their many vehicles to return in the safe zone. But sometimes it is difficult to find any car or buggy there. You have only one vehicle left which is motorbike. But when you and your teammate rides on the motor bike you can not take out any AR weapon on it. You can only use smgs on it. But nobody uses SMGs in game. So this trick will help you to take out AR in motorbike.

What you have to do is just take out any throwables before getting in the motorbike. Then press get in and weapon together. Now you can use any AR on motorbike.

2. Unlimited ammo hack/glitch

Every player faces an problem of ammo. He can not pick more ammo because of the limit of backpack. So how if you will get unlimited ammo without filling up your backpack. Yes, you heard it correctly. You can get unlimited ammo in pubg mobile. This glitch works Everytime with every weapon.

What you have to do is that remove the extended mag of your AR when you are low on ammo. Keep it in mind you have to complete both operations at a time after that you will get unlimited ammo without filling up space.

3. Motorbike glitch 2

This is an very much interesting or funny glitch. As you can not kill any player by using this glitch. This glitch is just for fun. This glitch works only on the hill of military base.

What you have to do is just drive an motorbike in your normal speed. And go through the hills near of military base. Than you will automatically start rolling in the sky which is unstoppable.

4. Any cloth glitch

This is an great glitch in pubg mobile. By which you can unlock any cloth from the inventory.

What you have to do is just choose any cloth from the inventory. Together with that click on reset appearance. Now you can wear any of clothes in the inventory.

Note:- this glitch works only in the outside the match.

5. Headshot glitch/hack

This glitch is much funny and amazing too. By using this glitch there is no fear of headshot. Yes there is no fear of getting killed by snipers in one shot.

What you have to do is just open the scope together with the drive button. Than your head will be disappear.

Note:- this glitch is tried only with the car. There is no confirmation of the working of this glitch with other vehicles.

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