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How to get weapon master title easily in pubg,

How to get weapon master title in PUBG mobile easily,

Every player dreams to have the weapon master title. And we all know this is not easy. But here are some easy ways to get this title easily.

You can get this title easily but to get it you have to match some certain requirements. That are,

You must be on platinum tier or above.

Kill an enemy with Assault Rifle.

an enemy with SMG.

enemy with Sniper Rifles.

And one enemy with Shotguns.

One enemy with Throwable.

Kill an enemy with vehicles.

Weapon master

To complete these all kills in one match is not easy. So follow these steps.

1. To land on the end of flight route and then kill the disconnected players with other weapons.

2. Create a custom room and kill your friends with the required weapons.

3. To knock down players with any weapons and then kill them with the required weapons.

Then you will definitely get weapon master title.

Just keep in mind not to left the game after killing the players by the required weapons, otherwise you will not get weapon master title. But you can get killed or die in game after completing the requirements. And you will get weapon master title.

How to die after completing the achievement.

1. By being in water after a long time.

2. By falling from a high location.

3. By throwing grenade on yourself.

4. By throwables.

5. By going in front of enemy.

And many more.

This are some easy ways to get weapon master title easily. And share this information with your friends so that they can also get it.

Weapon master

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