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Instagram is a huge social platform now a days. It can be beat facebook in upcoming years. People are spending more time on it as compare to facebook. So it make more difficult to grow instagram fast in 2019 because instagram algorithms are being more intelligent day by day. So you have put more efforts on your instagram account, you have to make engaging post, research hastag for your niche.(“how to grow your Instagram account organically”)

How to grow Instagram account organically? I will show you some little but useful tips for your Instagram growth. Make good post, using of perfect hastag.

Here is some awesome and small tips for your instagram growth

1. Upload daily post and it should be 2-4 post it will help for visible to your followers.

2. Use relevant hastag for your post. Do not use high rating hastag because if you use those hastag your post will only visible for 1 to 2 second for hastag. You can use small and medium hastag that will help you to grow Instagram.

3. Post when your followers are most active. Find a best time to post. You can use some free Instagram analytic tool.

4. Put daily stories in every 3 hours for best result.

5. Setup your story highlight and make it attractive.

6. Turn on post notification on bigger pages in your niche and make a genuine comment as soon as they post.

7. Creat a good bio that explains what your page is all about.

8. Read your insights and post more of what works and kill what doesn’t.

Lets see how Instagram algorithm work


Your new post shown to a small percentage of your total audience in the first hour.

How To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

It measures how fast and how often that small percentage of your audience engages with your post.

It compares the engagement of your new post to the engagement of previous posts of yours in similar days and time.

how to grow your instagram account organically

The better it performs compare to previous post, the larger percentage of your audience see it, the higher it appears on people’s home feed and more it is shown on other explorer page.

how to grow your instagram account organically

You can steal followers from your niche pages


  • Find the most followers account in your niche. Follow the account and turn on post notification.
  • Like there post and leave a meaningful and valuable comment on each post as they post it. Do not promote yourself, your comment should be at least five line. When you do this to atleast 10 pages per day you can see your Instagram growth and you will gain followers from those accounts.

  Some more tips that will help for Instagram growth


1. Show your followers something they will not see everyday.

2. Add an emoji to your caption, it should make it more appealing to your followers.

3. Answer comments on your own picture, it’s polite and booster to engagement.

4. Ask people to mention a friend in comment that they can boost engagement.

5. Take time to find perfect hastag and make sure all your hastag are active.

These are the some little tips for Instagram growth. You can use and implement it.

How to grow your instagram account organically


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