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How to make money by pubg, in simple ways

How to make money by pubg.

How to make money by pubg, simple ways

‘Pubg mobile’ a name loved by every one.

How to make money by pubg/

Can you make money by pubg?

Off course you can, follow the steps below!

Many players are master in pubg mobile today, whom are called pro players. But do you should know that you can earn money by playing pubg. Here are some ways to make money via pubg.

1. Pubg tournaments

You can earn money by playing PUBG by participating in online tournaments with cash prizes( solo, duo and squad). And Prizes are awarded in a leaderboard with the top prize going to the winner. And Some online platforms for tournaments are FACEIT, GamerzArena and Battlefy.

2. Sell in – game items

If you don’t have the time to stream pubg or to participate in tournaments. But you still can make money in your free time.

And make money by selling skins and in-game items too.

But When you play PUBG you earn battle points (BP). These points are the in-game currency and you use them to buy crates. And Once purchased, you can either open and keep the contents in your inventory or you can sell them on websites like Skins.Cash, BitSkins, G2G and Gameflip. Similarily, if you have rare items in your inventory. And Then you can sell them too.

3. Sell your game account

You are on a higher rank in pubg. And You have many skins and rare items. So what about selling your game account with all your skins, BP and wins to the player who is giving the real value of your account. You can sell your account on websites like PlayerAuctions too.

4. Stream or upload content on YouTube.

There are millions of people watching pubg live on YouTube. And You willl get money by superchat too, on live streams.

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