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SSD vs HDD genin which one is best for you?

Hello friends, Today’s topic is computer hard drive, SSD vs HDD with HDD and SDD differences.

When we go to BUILD a PC, many of us go after worrying about which one would be best to buy, what a disadvantage, what is the disadvantage of HDD and SDD, so in today’s post I will explain actually HDD and There are key differences between SSD.


HDD, which we refer to as a hard disk, is a storage device on a computer, magnetic, which works perfectly with a single disk. But the name of the new single device is frequently heard in the shared space, who is also using it instead of a hard disk. This device is named SDD.

HDD = Hard Disk Drive

HDD reproduction

SDD = Solide State Drive

Recovery of SDD

Entirely, I said otherwise




HDD or Hard Disk Drive first came to market with IBM’s hands in 5. This drive has served us for ages, for almost 3 years.

HDD basically stores data using magnetism or magnetism on a spherical plate-livice and a mechanical head reads and stores data from this rotating device. The higher the rotation speed of the device, the more the HDD can transmit data.ke de


SSD or Solid State Drive is simply a larger size and much more complicated drive than the USB pen drive we use. The data stored on the USB drive is done in the same way as in the microchip, on the S SD. Data is stored in different layers in the HDD and different mechanical parts are used to read it. In this one, the SS D has been able to operate at a much faster time than the HDD. .

Mac is much faster because Solid State Drive is used instead of hard disk on Mac, Solid State cost is much higher than Hard disk so it is not reached for general use. So the question may come in which direction do they work first?

Let’s see which is better between HDD and Solid State Drive-
In the first place, due to the many moving pars in HDD, they are more likely to be demaged because on the other hand there is no Moving Pars on the SSD.

Secondly the muting purse in HDD because it shakes or sounds hot, on the other hand there is no such problem with SSD.

Thirdly, HDD costs a lot of power, but SSD costs less.

It takes 3-5 seconds to boot a computer with HDD and it takes 5-5 seconds to boot a computer with SSD.

Copy files to HDD or write speed 5-1220 mbps and write speed 200-500 mbps on SSD.

SSD files open at 3% higher speed than HDD.

Looking at the things I’ve talked about so far it seems like SSD is best but one of the issues with SSD is the cost.

The cost of a 1TB HDD is only Rs 3,000 and the price of a 1TB SSD is Rs.

However, to increase the speed of your computer, you can install a small size SSD and only install the operating system.



So friends this is today’s SSD vs HDD post I hope you understand the difference between HDD and SDD and you understand.

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