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How to make Internet connection from Android to computer

How to make internet connection? Heveryone is well, welcome to the nanoblog and wish everyone in advance the wishes of Eid ul Azha. The reason we share today is how to share internet from mobile to desktop. Because the reason we have many computers. But no internet connection and modem and can be useful for those who buy.

As many of us know, the internet connection from the Android mobile to the laptop computer is very straightforward. Just by turning on the mobile hotspot and connecting the laptop to WiFi. But how do we connect with our hotspot whose desktop computer goes after the problem? The desktop computers we use do not have WiFi systems. So today I will show you two ways to share desktop computer internet with mobile.


How to make internet connection?


Two methods of internet sharing from mobile:


2. WIFI Adapter

2. Uses USB Cable (USB Cable)

2. WIFI Adapter

WiFi Adapter is a small device that lets you access the deprecated WiFi system on your desktop computer. That is, since desktop computers do not usually have a WiFi system, various companies have considered this difficulty in the market with a device called WIFI Adapter, which allows them to take advantage of the WiFi computer. Suppose you want to connect to your phone or router hotspot ie WiFi network then you can buy and use this software from the market. This method will cost you a bit, but if you have a router, you can have a PC without your laptop, and if you do not have a broadband connection, you will want to run it on a mobile hotspot.

2. Uses USB Cable (USB Cable)

We have given a fairly good quality charger with those who buy or use fairly good Android mobiles, and that charger has a USB cable that I often use to know how to use Android phones. With USB cable, the only thing we can do other than exchange files by connecting the phone to the computer is internet sharing.

How to share Internet from mobile to desktop computer with USB cable

1First, turn on the data that you have on the Internet package.

2. Now take a good USB cable and insert the charger pin into the phone just as you would charge the phone and insert it into the USB port of the computer on the other end USB port.


How to make


3. Now turn on the Setting> More> USB Tethering option on your Android mobile.

How to make

4. Now, look at your computer, if your computer has Windows 7, then the following screenshot will come as Yes. If there is any other operating system or Windows 8, if you have any other options then you will understand that the next step will work.


How to make



5.You can see the icon on your computer in the taskbar showing the icon to stay connected to the Internet means that you can browse or download anything you want on the computer by keeping the mobile connected to your internet.

One of the interesting things is that I am writing this post with a net connection from mobile to computer. Hope you like the post. If anyone has any questions or comments, don’t forget to comment.

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