Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with 64MP Camera & Price


Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro review. How are you all after the successful launch of the redmi Note 7 earlier this year .At top executive at the company has confirmed the next phone in the series the xiaomi redmi note 8 and the xiaomi redmi Note 8 Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

The redmi general manager luvi Being In response to a Weaver post that that redmi Note 8 is in the works and  it will be much more powerful than the competition as reported by Chinese Publication.

Tidyhomz show me is hosting an event on August 7 2019 which show me will launch a new camera module with a 64mb primary camera lens so this could be the camera module which main feature in redmi Note 8 and redmi Note 8 Pro by collecting all the information from all rumours and show me events.Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro pic

Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

We have for you the most expected features of redmi note it bro let’s have a look at the features

The display of the phone could be 6.4 inch display which is an Super amulet display for any Mercedes GLE experience coming to the performance as I said before it may be powered by MediaTek helio g90 or Snapdragon 855 couple with 6gb and 8GB of Ram camera which is the main USB of this phone it may have a triple rear camera with 64mb of primary lens will be used plus by 5 MP and 2 MP of depth sensor so this camera combination is the ultimate picture quality selfie camera is expected to be a pop-up selfie camera which is of 25 MB to take breathe selfies this phone will be packed with 4000 image of battery and fast charging will be there with that we are expecting that reverse charging could also be provided with this phone

Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro


redmi k20 pro is coming with the price range of 350 to 400 dollars from this we can expect that the redmi note 8 Pro will be priced at $400  so this is all about the redmi note 8 and redmi Note 8 Pro hope you like the video please come in the comment section what you feel about the upcoming redmi Note 8 and redmi Note 8 Pro .


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