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(Team Viewer) Now control the computer with your Mobile

Team Viewer can controll your computer by your mobile with this trick. The topics I will be discussing with you today are to control the desktop at home with our mobile!

Team Viewer :


Team Viewer is a popular remote desktop app but alternatively there is a software that can easily control your PC from your mobile.

So let’s get started!

Chrome Remote Desktop :


You will need a Chrome browser to use this process. No worries for Chrome users, visit the Chrome Web Store and install the free Chrome Remote Desktop application. You must have a Google Account login before installing. Note that you need to be logged in with the same Google Account you log into your Android. Otherwise the problem will arise later.

After installing Chrome Remote Desktop, click on the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Apps list. If you can’t see the app, open a new tab and type chrome: // apps / and press Enter. After launching Chrome Remote Desktop, you must first authenticate with your Google account. This is the first time to do this. But in my case for the first time I have to click on Continue and Accept button a few times.

Team viewer.

Once the authorization is complete you will see the dashboard of the Chrome Remote Desktop. You can see that there are two sections. The first one is “Remote Assistance”, which means you can generate unique access codes using these two buttons if you need help from a friend or need help from someone. If you want to give someone access to your computer, click the Share button. And if you want to get into someone else’s computer then click on the Access button and enter the access code of his computer.

Team Viewer

But we want to get into our own computer. This method will not work because there will be no one to generate access code on our computer. So we need to add our own computers (yes, multiple computers can be added) to “My Computers”. For this we need to click on the Enable Remote Connections button.

Clicking on this button will download a small host client software. When you download the software around 5 MB, install and restart the Chrome browser. Then, when you click Enable remote connections, you will be asked to enter a PIN number of at least 6 digits.

Team Viewer





This pin number will be the only way to access this computer. But no worries, no one will be able to get into your computer only if you get the PIN number. The purpose of pin number is to ensure that no one can access the computer when you get your Android hand. For each computer you can specify different PIN number. However, every time a new computer is set up on the Chrome Remote Desktop, you must enter a PIN number.

Team Viewer


You will be asked for the PIN again shortly after entering the PIN number. Entering the PIN number here will make your computer available for Chrome Remote Desktop.

Connection from Android to computer


This part is very straight. Install and launch the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your Android from the Google Play Store. The list of My Computers will show all your remote connections enabled computers. You can remotely access your computer in just a few moments by clicking on the set number you want to connect to.

Team Viewer

Needless to say, both your Android and remote computers need to be connected to the Internet for this method to work. At 512 kbit / second speed, the chrome remote desktop system is also very good performance. It also seems easier to use in the field than TeamViewer. The 24.1 “8p resolution monitor is easily controlled from a 1.3” 122p display smartphone via Chrome Remote Desktop. The entire smartphone’s touchscreen will serve as the touchpad of most remote computers.

The Remote Desktop will show a notification bar like the one above when connected to your Remote Desktop. As a result, your computer will get infected immediately as you enter it. (Keep your Android devices below to prevent intrusion!


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