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Adsense ! Approached in 3 days Personal experience

Many of us have a personal blog or some other web site. And in our country, AdSense is the best method of earning from the web site.

Although affiliate is the best way to get more revenue, affiliate is not popular in our country yet. Because, we have not yet searched any web site by searching Google for a product.

Whatever it is, many of us think Google’s AdSense is a goldmine. I had the same idea some time ago when requesting a web site for 8/20 times without any suggestions. But, after doing a few tricks, I received the AdSense for this site only once in 5 days with a request. (Assisted MD Biplop Hossain)

span style=”color: #003366;”>And this article is all about tricks and adsense. Read this article now to know more about AdSense ads for your site.

What is AdSense?


Adsense is an “ad service” run by Google. That is, a company will pay money to Google for its own product.

And Google will publish the site that has Adsense Approach. And you and Google will get some of the money from that company. The name of this service is Adsense.



Didn’t understand AdSense?


Well, let’s say simple. You must have noticed when watching the program on TV that the ad shows at break time. That is, the promotion of a company shows native advertising. And this service is directly between the company and the channel.

However, Adsense does the same thing, but there is no direct relationship between the web site owner and the company. Google is in the middle. Relationships like the image below……………………………

What should be the website for AdSense?


OK, I find myself harassed by misinformation in many places. The Google Adsense support page has all the details but here I am again highlighting some of the most important information….

  1. Must be 100% unique post. In many places, 60% or so is completely wrong. The first rule of Google is unique content.
  2. The domain must be high-level. It’s not officially called them, but it’s the first reason I didn’t get adsense on the first site. Top level or high level domain takes precedence everywhere. Without the high level domain, Facebook will also block the link. So, it is good to be a high level domain.
  3.  Read this post for high level domains. How to get a .xyz domain for only 5 bucks Where you can get a .xyz domain for only 5 bucks. It’s high level.
    The number of posts on the site is not specific. Many say it is like 20 or 50. All of them are fake. There are no such rules as AdSense Rules. So, you keep posting. Approved by 5 or less. I have only got 8 posts to post. You might have too. So, discard these thoughts.
  4. The site’s menu bar must be clear. This is Google’s official rule. Your site must be responsive and easy to understand. If you turn yellow in the color of the content then it will not happen. However, it should be easy for anyone to use.
  5. Many talk about the age of the site. However, they have no such rules. My site seems to be 6 months old.
  6. About the Site, Contact, Privacy Policy, Term & Condition pages. Then
  7. Google will give your site more prominence.
  8. You must be 8+ in your Gmail request from AdSense.
  9. Your site should not contain any hacking or cracking.
  10. If anything about pornography, there should be no shocking content.
  11. If you harass someone. And if a software is cracked or content with
  12. Unwanted software, Approval is not possible.

13. Selling malware, adware, banned products, etc.

There are many more rules like this though the above ones are the main ones. For more details visit the official link https://support.google.com/adsense/ this link.

Now if all of the above are properly followed then you will be very soon approached for AdSense.


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