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Database? What is database & How its work ?

Before learning about a database, let’s first know what the data is =

“Data in the simplest sense is all those things that can be easily recorded.” For example, you can have your name, age, weight, height and such data.

Different pictures, songs, files are also called data.




What is a database?

Database is a system’s data collection. Data-base storage supports the system. Data-base makes it easy to process data. Now let’s look at some examples of the data-base = –

A mobile phone company, of course, uses its data-base to store customer information.

What the database does: Data-base data makes it easy to process. With the data-base you can process many data simultaneously. In addition to the data-base you can save all the user details of the website, starting from your daily money calculations. Nowadays, big companies keep their data updated in the data-base.



Databases are easy to use and can be used to process specific data from billions of data.

Finally, if you have used the data-base, if you have not done well and do not know how to use it, please let me know in the comment box. So how do I use the database later

I’ll try to write about it.

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