Essential Tips and Tricks for All Android Users

Written by Anil Patil, Published on September 1, 2019 1:02 pm, GMT+0530

Essential Tips and Tricks for All Android Users

                              Essential Tips and Tricks

Let’s not get down to work because you realize by watching the title, yes guys, the most popular mobile operating system of today is Android. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Over time new technologies and features are coming up with new devices. However, there is a lot about Android devices that many of us do not know. I don’t know too much. However, there are some things that all Android users need to know about my today’s post…

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NFC One of the most popular Android smartphone feature is NFC. NFC access is not provided on all Android devices. NFC is offered on some mid-range and some high-end smartphones. While this feature may seem important to many of us, we generally do not use it. So when you’re not using NFC, it’s best to turn it off. Because NFC is going to cost you a lot of battery. So be sure to turn off NFC at the end of use.

  1. Essential Tips and Tricks

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Advanced Wi-Fi settings There are very few Android users who use the Advanced Wi-Fi settings. There are many who have no idea about these settings. If you regularly use WiFi, you need to use these settings to get notifications for a new WiFi network. Many times the WiFi connection your device detects doesn’t have a good signal, so setting these settings is essential to avoid weak WiFi connections. In addition to these settings options you can find the MAC address of your device.

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Mobile data / Wi-Fi / battery usage / process stats We often have many complaints about mobile data. How did the data end so fast, as I used so little !! You can get answers to these questions by going to Settings> Data Usage. Easily find out which app is spending the most data. Similarly, if you turn on Show Wi-Fi usage from the menu, you will also know how much data you have spent on Wi-Fi. Also, because of the various apps that occupy your device’s RAM, when your device runs slow, you definitely want to know which apps are occupying your RAM. One of the new tips is to go to Settings> About phone and press the Build number option a few times. This will activate your device’s Developer Options menu. Now you can easily see how much RAM is occupying your device by going to Developer Options> Process Stats. The thing is, I got this option on my device, but couldn’t find it on the Walton E2. However, check if your device has the option.

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Location Service So far I have written several posts on the site about battery saving tips. And in all the posts I wrote about the location service. If you have not always used Google Maps, Google Now or other third party apps that use location services or GPS, then it is best to keep location services and GPS off. Because it will save your battery. Or you can use location service in battery saving mode. You get the option when you go to settings> Location> Mode.

Encrypt phone / SIM card lock We often use many third-party apps to protect Android devices. There is no doubt that there are many good good apps for device protection. However, there are some security options available on all Android devices. As you wish, you can encrypt your device with a password. In this case, every time you turn on the device you will have to enter a password. If you want to decrypt your device you need to perform a factory reset.


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