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Today again I came up with a new tips for power bank

Let’s not get down to work because you understand the title, yes friends, why use Power Bank? Friends, nowadays the design of mobile phones has become slim, the performance has increased but the battery life is not as good. Again, the pattern of mobile phone usage has changed a lot. So in this case we need a power bank later, so that we can charge our phone wherever we want and make it useful for use again. So because of its portable convenience, it is becoming more and more popular. But the problem is that the products of different prices and different companies are getting together. So let’s know some instructions. In order to select and benefit the right way.

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Tips 1: Keep an eye on Capacity Friends, the first thing that comes to mind is Capacity. See Power Bank of Capacity available in the current market starting from 1500 mAh to 20000-30000 thousand mAh. In this case, you have to determine whether you want more recharge bike or want more portability. And depending on this you have to choose a capacitance. One thing is clear to you, however, many are mistaken about it. Suppose the battery in your phone is 25000 mAh and the capacity of your power bank is 10000 mAh. This does not mean that you can recharge your phone 4 times. See if your product is written 10000 mAh, its capacity will be 10,000 mAh, the company will not lie to you. But when you charge your phone, some energy is lost. And practically 75 to 95% of the total capacity is available. Although the percentage of efficiency depends on different companies. That is, the power bank of 10,000 mAh capacity will be able to recharge about 25 times the mobile battery of 2500 mAh capacity. Now suppose the efficiency of your product is 70% but you get 7,000 mAh equivalent efficiency, if the efficiency is 80%, then you get 4 thousand and if 90% then you can get 9,000 mAh equivalent efficiency. So the capacities described are never real, the light may be less.

Tips 2: Wait for 8-10 recharge cycles to get the best performance One thing to know is that a power bank enters its maximum performance state after completing the first 8-10 time recharge cycle. You buy a product, and by charging it only once or twice, it will not be possible to understand whether the product is good or bad. You have to use it 5-6 times and then you can tell if your product is good or bad. And then the output received will be a fixed output.

Tips 3: Check if there is a pass through charging feature Another feature that should be considered when buying a power bank is the pass through charging feature. Now let’s say what is pass pass charging. See, when you buy a new power-bank, it has only one USB cable. You are not given a new power adapter to charge, since your phone already has a power adapter. And if you go somewhere with them, you can not carry two different power adapters, do you? Suppose you connect a power bank to a power adapter and your smartphone to a power bank. Now what if your power bank has a pass-through charging feature? Then your phone will be charged first from the power then your power bank will be charged. This feature is not available at all power banks. For example when xaomi has this feature but OnePlus does not have this feature. If you go to sleep all night at a single charge, with this feature you will see in the morning that your phone is fully charged and your power bank charge is also full. This is a much needed feature and you can charge two devices simultaneously with the same adapter.

Tips 4: Keep in mind about protection, let’s talk about protection. See if you carry a high-capacity battery, whether it’s in your pocket and in your bag. So protection is much needed in this situation. The big companies that provide power banks give you 5 protection. • Over-charging protection • Over-voltage protection • Short circuit protection • Protection from overheating If these four protections are in your power bank, you can freely use and transport them wherever you please. Having these four protections will not harm your phone or damage your power bank. So before buying, be sure to check if these important protections are in place.

Tips 5: Take a look at the output ports 1 single output port can be seen on some power bank and 3-4 output ports can be seen on some power bank. What you choose now depends entirely on your usage. If you want to charge a device, you can buy a single output port. If you want to charge multiple devices, you can buy 3-4 ports. In some power banks, if there are two ports then one is less power or another is more power. Again, both can be high-power. The voltage of each port is 5 or 5.1, but the current is 1 ampere on any port and 2.1 ampere on any port. So it’s up to you to decide how much you need. You can buy the follower’s output ports with a PowerBank.

Tips 6: Check if there is a quick charging technology and talk about quick charging in the power bank. I mentioned in one of my posts that mobile charging has quick charging technology, and explained how quick charging technology can make your mobile phone charge faster. If you have not read the post about my quick charging technology and can see it from here, then there will be many benefits to understanding this topic. Quick charging can be done from a power adapter just like mobile phones can be charged fast. The power bank that has the quick charging technology, the power bank itself can be charged very fast and your partner can charge your phone very quickly. In such a case there is a company called Aki, which supports their product quick charging. And they are marketed by many good quality products. If both of your devices are equipped with Quick Charging technology, you do not have to sit for hours on cable. You can charge a lot of mines in just 30 minutes or 1 hour. And yes, another thing, if your phone does not support Quick Charging, then buying Quick Charging Power-Bank will not help. So buy only when your phone has the capability to support this technology.

Tips 7; See if there is additional utility, with many power banks, in-built torch light feature is available. If you often go outdoors or go camping, in-built torch lights can help you a lot. Some power banks have Blue Tooth speakers and can be seen again, as well as FM radio. So see if you need them.

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Tips 8: Buy a Power Bank of a Good Company As far as my experience is concerned, I would say that the power bank of the Saomi company is much better. Moreover, Huawei’s 5,000 mAh power bank is much better. Plus you can buy the power-bank of any reputable company, including OnePlus, Sony, Samsung. Hopefully it won’t be a problem.

Tips 9: Buy Cables See Some of the cables fitted in the power bank. But for the most part, separate cables are fitted. If you want a fairly easy portability or don’t want to have the hassle of carrying a separate cable, you can buy a power-bank with in-built cable. Look at some of the most important points when buying a power bank, point 1 is that you will never buy cheap power bank from the general market. It can be a bit rubbish, you won’t find peace in the slightest use. It will give you a low quality battery. You may have seen that a cheap market for 5,000 or 50,000 mAh power-bank is available for only R.s.500 or R.s.1000 . In fact, a diameter sticker is placed on the blanket. So all these power banks are utterly useless, dirty, fake. So please do not buy these power banks at all. You will only buy power banks of reputable companies. If you buy online, you must buy from a reputable website. May Be Better • What is Quick Charging Technology? Now 15 minutes Smartphone battery will be fully charged • Smartphone Slow? Learn how to fast • How to take proper care of a smartphone battery? Learn More • What Causes a Smartphone to Be Hot? Is it normal Nowadays, it is seen in many places that by ordering online and giving fake power bank. Which may have been written by Saomi or Samsung but the battery is 100% pure sand. In fact, many times e-commerce sites have done this corruption by cellars. So before ordering online, please check the product’s ratings and comments. Then order. Besides, you can avoid being deceived by shopping with a clear warranty. Lastly, this post will hopefully benefit you greatly. From now on, when buying a power bank in the market or online, you know what to do, how to choose the product that suits your needs. Do not forget about sharing the post but letting friends know. So what company do you want to buy a power bank? Be sure to comment below, but? 

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