How to install WordPress in Mobile on localhost in Minutes

Written by Anil Patil, Published on September 18, 2019 10:13 am, GMT+0530

How to install WordPress in Mobile on localhost in Minutes

Install WordPress in android mobile on localhost in a minutes

install wordpress in android fully functional

We know what a website is, or what a website is used for. The current online website for outsourcing is a great platform, suppose you have a website and you publish some good quality content and then send requests to some ad networks and make them very easy to earn by using their ads.

Now speaking, there are many of us who do not understand a lot about the website. If you do not understand the website, then you do not have coding skills, then how do you create a platform for outsourcing? If you want to do it with a developer, that would be good too, but I think it would be good to try something new yourself because if you do this your website will be ready and your skill in this regard will continue to grow.

Many of you may have heard of WordPress, perhaps WordPress is the most popular blog publishing application and powerful content management system (CMS).
Open source blogging software developed by PHP and MySQL. By WordPress
Any type of PHP, MySQL or
HTML is a Professional Without Knowledge
Creating a quality website is very easy.

WordPress’s demand and number of jobs are increasing
Every day, any kind of website
Currently the best CMS to create
Platform. Matt Mullenweg is 20
It was initially released on May 27th by the CMS, WordPress, briefly called WP. Currently using WordPress CMS you can easily create any website in very short time. Not only freelance carriers, but also corporate and multinational companies, there is a huge demand for WordPress developers.

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Being a skilled WordPress developer is a matter of time and trouble. No organization can build anyone as a skilled developer, and it can be a great exporter. Build yourself as a skilled developer so install wordpress in android mobile.
There is no substitute for your hard work and effort. However, it is possible to learn if you are planning. You must know HTML, CSS to work with WordPress theme development. Also, you need to know PHP and MySQL for jQuery, JavaScript and backend development. And only if you know how to use HTML, CSS and WordPress framework for WordPress theme customization.

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to get started with WordPress by installing WordPress through Localhost, I think it’s best to use localhost for beginners first, as you install WordPress using Localhost so you can continue to learn. You can then start buying domain and hosting when you learn how to use everything better To use your outsourcing platform, localhost, you have to use a software called Penguin, the server of this software I hope you like because I use it myself, and you can download the software from the Google Play Store. .

App Name: Penguin
App Size: 15.16 MB


Hopefully you have downloaded the software and I have also downloaded and installed the screenshot.

Now you need the WordPress software, I have downloaded AllReady for you to download.


Good, now you’re done, you open the Penguin software.

Now switch on the switch shown in the screenshot.

Now look at the server being started.

Now switch on.

Now you have to create a database to install WordPress, click on PhpMyAdmin to create the database.

Now tell you to select a browser, select the one you like, I have selected my phone’s default browser.

Now you will get a login page like screenshot, enter username and leave the password box blank and then click on Go button.

Now click on Databases.

wordpress in mobile localhost install app

Now name the database and click the Create button

এখন দেখুন ডাটাবেজ তৈরি হয়ে গেছে।

Now log in to your file manager and see if a folder has been created and click on it named www.

Paste the WordPress you downloaded into this www folder.

Now you have to unzip this zip file – I am using Long Press, I am using ES File Manager. It is much easier to unzip it if you want to use it or you can use different software to unzip. Now I will click More.

Now click on Extract To.

Now click on the Ok button.

Now unzip.

Great, see we are unzipped. This marked zip file no longer needs us to delete it.

Super, now you’re done, select a browser you like and go to http: // localhost: 8080

Now that you have to set up WordPress configuration, click on Let’s Go button.

Now you enter the Database Name and enter the username and leave the root and password box blank.

click on submit

Run The Install

Now you have to give some basic information that is required when installing WordPress


Enter one of your email addresses now and click the Install WordPress button.

See, your WordPress install was successful. Now you have to click on the Login button


Now enter your username and password then click the Login button.

wordpress in mobile with localhost app

See your WordPress admin panel is able to access.

wordpress in mobile with localhost app

Now visit your website at Ready Local Host.

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