WordPress.com Blog Suspended? Let’s Export your WordPress data on WordPress.org September 19, 2019 by Anil Patil

This account has been suspended from wordpress.com

“Your site has been suspended from WordPress.com for violating the Terms of Service. If you believe this was done in error, please contact us as soon as possible to have the suspension reviewed. (To learn more about what is and is not allowed, please see our User Guidelines page.”

Last time I was wondered that my wordpress.com free blog has been increased more users/visitors but after some days it says your wordpress.com site has been suspended !!! 🙁

Don’t worry about that, still, your free blog has a paid guided transfer offer, loLz, check the image below :p

This account has been suspended from wordpress

We will get back to Solve this problem,

4 Simple Steps to Build Your WordPress Blog

  1. Boom! Let’s Create A New WordPress Blog but this time on wordpress.org
  2. Buy The Cheapest Hosting – Link
  3. Buy a Domain – Link
  4. Install WordPress From cPanel And That’s all! No One can suspend your blog.

Aur Kya ? Ho Gaya! Meet You Next Article 🙂

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