How to use OTG ? What is OTG?

Written by Anil Patil, Published on September 20, 2019 10:08 am, GMT+0530

How to use OTG  ? What is OTG?

Discussion of OTG:


Many of us know about OTG, and many do not know. But for those who still don’t know about OTG, this post. So let’s learn about OTG in Bangla. In today’s post you will find out about:

What is OTG?
➥ How to use OTG?
Anything you can do with OTG.


OTG: –

Full Meaning of OTG is “On The Go”. By connecting one of the two OTG supported devices to the other, you can do a variety of tasks. We connect various flash drives [Hard Disk, Pen Drive, Card Reader, Modem, etc.] to PC using personal computer such as PC Host. You can also connect to different flash drives through OTG on your Android phone.
Currently the number of OTG Supported Android devices is increasing. As a result, a lot of work is being done without PC (Personal Computer). For example, because of OTG support, you can easily print your camera pictures to a printer without PC. Besides, Pen-Drive, Hard-Disk, Keybord, Mouse and other USB sticks can now be easily integrated with smartphones. Since the benefits of this OTG are numerous, you can be sure that the device is OTG Supported when looking at the phone’s specifications when purchasing the phone.

How to use OTG?

There are many different uses of OTG depending on the hardware. For example, if you have OTG support for smartphones and tablets, you can add keyboards, mice, hard drives and flash drives to your device. But not all smartphones or tablets are OTG supported. In that case it is sufficient to check the device specification to know if your device is OTG supported. You can also learn about your device’s OTG compatibility with the “USB Host Diagnostics” app.Not only if you have OTG support. To use this feature, a good OTG cable is needed. You will find this OTG cable in various smartphone accessories stores. Another thing to note here is that if you want to associate any type of storage device (such as hard drive or flash drive) with your smartphone or tablet, you may need to use the following apps.

● USB Host Controller
Commander Total Commander File Manager

Anything you can do with OTG

USB OTG lets you control your device by connecting various peripheral devices such as: – Mouse, Keyboard, etc. to your smartphone or tablet. However, it is important to note that multiple buttons or function-rich mice may not work. In addition to OTG, you can connect various storage devices such as Hard-Disk, Pen-Drive, Card Reader etc. to your device. Only so you can play audio, video from these external storage devices. Moreover, using the file manager on the device, you can exchange data from these storage devices.
Hopefully this time you got some idea about OTG.

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