Booking of IRCTC Tejas Express started, book tickets in this way from your mobile phone

Written by Anil Patil, Published on September 21, 2019 7:31 am, GMT+0530

Booking of IRCTC Tejas Express started, book tickets in this way from your mobile phone


Booking of IRCTC’s Tejas Express, the country’s first private train has started. If you are wondering what the meaning of private train is? For those who do not know, let them know that private train means that it is run by IRCTC rather than government.In this, the track is private and the train is private. That means everything from increased train fares to IRCTC account.Aditya Yoginath will flag off this train running from Lucknow to Delhi on October 4. Commercially, this train will start from October 5. The minimum fare from Lucknow to Delhi is Rs 1125 for a chair car and Rs 2310 for an executive chair car in Tejas Express.

If you are thinking about booking this train, then we are going to tell you in this post how a ticket can be booked anytime anywhere from IRCTC. You can also book it from your mobile. First of all, download the app of IRCTC on your mobile. Ticket booking can also be done from mobile apps or you can book tickets directly from the IRCTC website by going to the browser on your mobile. After booking you will get a confirmation SMS. There will be sari information from your seat to PNR number. With this SMS, you do not even need to print the ticket. You can travel by showing this SMS in your mobile.

Book tickets on your mobile through IRCTC website like this:

First of all, log in with your IRCTC user ID and password at

After this, click on the book ticket and fill your details under Plan My Travel to know where you have to go.

Start booking by selecting the train.

In this, if you are with yourself and other passengers with you, then fill their details, such as name, age etc.

– By confirming the ticket booking, on the next page you will get many options to pay. In this credit / debit card, wallet etc. whatever you feel is right, select it and pay it.

– And here’s your ticket book … After the ticket is booked, you will get an SMS, which will be confirmed. In this, confirm your filled details, seat number, train time etc.

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