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Xiaomi mobile protect the phone from annoying ad hands.

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Do not talk too much because the post will be too big at the moment so I did not extend the talk.
Of the Xiaomi Mobile set
Advertising is off
Some manual to do
The procedure is given below

Xiaomi Mobile
Xiaomi Mobile


MUI System Aids
A hidden name
There is an app that has its user
Advertising on the interface
Displays. You
First go to Settings>
Additional Settings>
Authorization and
Go to the Revocation option
SMS app
Offers authorization
Will give


Settings> Additional
Settings> Privacy> User
Experience Program Options
Go to the toggle button
Press it off
Will give So this is it
Another of your displays
Usage Data Collection
Will not

Installer or
Scanner’s Ed

For this you have Google Play or
From phone storage
Any one app
Install On the internet
You will see
The virus of the app
Scanning screen
Showing ads.
From here to the top

Gear on the side
Click the icon
“Receive reminder”
Turn off the option
No more advertising here
Don’t show up.


That’s why Settings> Installed
On top of going to Apps
There is a three dot menu
Click the icon
Go to Settings. Then
Reminder options are off
Do it

App Locker
Ad Close:

That’s why in Settings> App Lock
Go to the gear icon
Tap on Settings
Enter. Then
“Recommendations” options
Close it

The manager
Ad Close:

File for you
Get in the manager
Go to Settings> About
And then
Turn off the reminder
have to give.

Of the app
Ad Close:

Enter the app first
Go to Settings
Recommendations ”close
Do it Then the same
Go to Settings> Cleaner
And Settings> Boost
Go to the Speed ​​option
Turn off the reminder
Will give

MI Browser Advertising for

This app’s
Most of the ads
It gets annoying.
To stop it the app
Settings> Privacy &
Go to the Security section

“Personalized Services”
Close the option.

Advertising for
Close ::

Three dot entered into the app
Go to the menu “Show
Recommended Content ”
This option is completely closed
Keep it up

Themes App’s
Advertising is off:

That’s why the theme entered the app
Go to Account Options
Enter Settings. Then
From there
Turn off the reminder

Mi music
Of the app

In the music player
Enter Navigation
Go to the menu. Then
Settings> Advanced
Go to Settings “Receive
Recommendations “Off
Make it

Mi video
Of the app

That’s why Account> Settings
From “Online
Recommendations ”
Close the option.
Also “Push
Notifications “Option
To close
## So today I’m finishing up here, see you again in another post, if you like, let me know your valuable comment.



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