What is WiFi 6 ?

WiFi can’t be imagined without it at the present time. We start searching for any query that is really on Google or a search engine like this. And this is the smartest trend right now. If you want to learn something or want a product review, we search on YouTube or Google. What Is WiFi 6 Fastest Network

And the bond that comes with our Internet becomes the biggest limitation of the limited Internet package. Cheap Price or Unlimited Use I don’t know why WiFi is the only and best choice now. Currently the version of WiFi network that we use is WiFi 5 and its speed is Maximum 3.5 Gb (bit per second not byte).

But, recently there has been a new version of WiFi that is WiFi 6. And we will know today about this new technology, how to use it, why and when to read everything in one article.

WiFi 6


WiFi version is a fact ?

This is a very lime question. Because, everything is looking to improve in its updated version. It also has a version of any product starting from an app. And WiFi has the same version.

Up to now, there are three versions of WiFi, WiFi, WiFi 2, WiFi 3, 4, 5 and most modern WiFi 6. This new technology is now available with much higher speeds than ever before.

Why come to WiFi 6 having WiFi 5 ??

This is a good question. We see a version change if there is a bug or a feature change or a major change. Just like some of the major bugs on WiFi 5 + some older systems have upgraded it to WiFi 6 because of its team. But,

WiFi 6 features
At a glance, WiFi 6 has brought us new key services.

Much more speed than before.
High Level Security.
Multi-user experience without buffering.
Powerful encryption technology.
In addition, none of the features on WiFi have been excluded.

As mentioned earlier, the speed of the current WiFi 5 is 3.5 Gb and the updated speed of the new WiFi 6 is 3x. Capable of delivering speeds of up to 9.6 Gb. And that’s what made it so updated. Speed ​​is really good when 5G is just breathing on the neck.

Official release of WiFi 6 says its security is the biggest bang. Because, WiFi 5’s security system is certainly very weak in the current context. WiFi 5 has security as WPA and WPA 2. Although WPA is enabled by default. And even with a little Android app, this WPA security can be broken.

That is making some people hackers nowadays even though it is a simple security patch. Because, many do not update from WPA to WPA 2. Where the security of WPA 2 is very complicated to break. By the way, the current Wi–Fi 6 has brought new security bypassing these problems, which is WPA 3. And WPA 2 will be by default.

That is, even if you do not update to WPA 3, it will still give you good security and if you change to WPA 3 then you have no say.

Multi-user experience
We usually work very well on a WiFi network. And at that time, if one is streaming video, then others have trouble browsing. And there is buffering during video chatting.

However, WiFi 6 will eliminate these problems. Because, under the same network you can do many things like Multi User Online Gaming + Video Streaming + Video Chat.



We often hear about VPNs being used on social media or similar service use when on public WiFi networks. As if IP could not be tracked. In the event of sending information to someone else, the same thing happened to someone in the same network However, WiFi 6 has a new encryption system that encrypts all data that will be sent. That is, Total Secure.

Is WiFi 6 just the future or the present ??

Certainly current. Because, WiFi 6 has compiled all kinds of tests. And now devices and devices capable of receiving WiFi 6 signals have begun. Therefore, it is singularly current. However, in Bangladesh may be quite a half.

So what do you think ?? Will WiFi 6 solve all our problems ?? Please inform me in the comments.

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