Call anyone with a voice change in girl voice

Written by Anil Patil, Published on October 17, 2019 10:20 am, GMT+0530

Call anyone with a voice change in girl voice

Call anyone with a voice changer on a cartoon, boy or girl voice

Friends today I will show you how to change your voice and call someone.
You can call a boy, girl or cartoon voice if you want.
However, an app will be needed to do this, as well as data connection and credit will be required.
Speaking with voice change, the app that will take the name of the magic call -voice changer app.
This app was not installed from the Play Store,

Call Anyone with a voice change

click here to install.

How to use Magic Call – The best Voice Changer App for Prank Call

  • Choose a voice from the list. Example – Girl voice/ Female voice, male voice, celebrity’s voice/ kid voice, Robot’s voice and many other voices
  • Select the backgrounds, if you want to add so.
  • Select a contact or dial a number.
  • Start your Magic Call

Hopefully you understand. Comment without comment or watch the video will be easy to understand.

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