How to Stream Live Android Screen – PUBG Mobile to YouTube, Facebook, OBS Software

Written by Anil Patil, Published on December 5, 2019 11:17 am, GMT+0530

How to Stream Live Android Screen – PUBG Mobile to YouTube, Facebook, OBS Software

How can I stream PUBG on YouTube?

What you’ll need: a computer running OBS, your Android phone in USB Debugging mode, and a wired connection from your phone to your computer.

Now the gaming community has gone board that you can grab each and every gameplay without playing the game, after the YouTube officially released its live stream plugin, there is numerous increase of member in gaming community. not only PUB G but there are of tons of games in the market, games like fortnite, Apex legends, Mobile legends and many more have each fan following .in the streaming platform dedicated and hardcore gamers have a single game for their live stream and have their own audience and some gamers are so entertaining and have all the games option in their playlist for their audience.

Create and Sign in to your Youtube Account. > Go to YOUR CHANNEL > Click On Creator Studio.






Go To Live Streaming > Stream Now.








And scroll below to Encoder Setup to Copy your Server URL & Stream Key








Then Paste into OBS Live Stream Panel to Authenticate your Stream. Thats all

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