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PUBG New Update 2019 on XBOX and PS4

Here we’re going to discuss the new PUBG Update on XBOX and ps4. The main focus of the PUBG update is on Season 4. Which is going to release with many of the exciting features. The main points of this season 2 update are:

  • Erangel remastered map. You can read more details regarding this new map from here.
  • Balancing the loot over the maps, in the game.
  • And some new skins and theme are also redesigned here in this new Pubg Update on Xbox and PS4.

pubg update

PUBG Update on XBOX

Since the launch of the game on the Xbox, the pubg has given the many updates. But this is going to have the most tremendous changes in the game. As the most beloved map of the game ‘Erangel‘ has been updated. The majority of the players used to play this map and also it is one of the most played map in the PUBG. Also, some of the visual graphics have been improved in the game and few locations have been modified greatly in the PUBG Update Season 4.

pubg update

Here is a list of the places in the Erangel map which has been updated

  1. Military Base
  2. Mylta Power
  3. Quarry
  4. Mansion
  5. Prison

pubg update

Also, there are some places on the map which has been modified a little bit.

Major Updates in the new PUBG Update Erangel Map

  • Some new buildings have been added to some places on the map.
  • A new storyline has been added in the Erangel’s new updated map.
  • New barriers have been added at the shore on some locations.
  • Weather will change in the game, some new weather has been added in the map. The weather will automatically change over time in the gameplay automatically.
  • Destructible objects have been added to the map, which can easily be destroyed using the vehicle or maybe using the throwables in the game.
  • SURVIVOR PASS 4, has been introduced with the new PUBG Update Season 4.

pubg update

Alongside the new season comes an all-new Survivor Pass! Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH uncovers the at various times of Erangel through skins and items from the island’s unique history. There are more than 100 rewards to unlock by finishing an assortment of missions and step up your pass. Spic and span to AFTERMATH is the expansion of a helpful mission framework where players can cooperate to complete mission objectives and procure rewards. The mission upgrade system has likewise been improved, enabling players to utilize BP to swap out a bigger number of missions than previously.

This update will last till the 21 October, you can read more about this pubg update fo season on the official website of the pubg using this link.

pubg update

There are tons fo new changes in this pubg update, we know that not all the players are going to read the dull path note, so we’ve added the official link above to check the exact patch notes. Most the players just check the major changes in the upcoming pubg update and that has been already mentioned in the above paragraphs.

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