Fix 10 Minutes Ban PUBG Mobile Even who not killed a Enemy

Written by Anil Patil, Published on December 27, 2019 6:30 am, GMT+0530

Fix 10 Minutes Ban PUBG Mobile Even who not killed a Enemy

PUBG Ban some legit player also just because they using VPN while playing the game. Here we have an solutions to fix ban so keep reading carefully.

Banwave :

To fix this 10 minutes connection terminated ban or data error ban first of all we need to learn how banwave is working now ?

  1. PUBG is now too serious to hacker.
  2. They give ban to player by getting information of VPN connection.
  3. They always find connection of VPN in the playzone start time 0:00.
  4. Also when you killed a player and the player reported you for any reason then PUBG shall start finding VPN connection or any type of data changing of your Mobile.

How to fix 10 minutes ban ?

  1. If you are a legit player and you are playing PUBG with VPN connection for some privacy you need to turn off your data connection at playzone time 0:00 untill the server reconnect notice display.
  2. In the server reconnect notice display tap on cancel and then turn on data connection.
  3. Then you will return to the lobby or login page.
  4. If you returned to the login page then login your account and if you return in the lobby then click ok in notice enter match again
  5. You need to do this process minimum 4 times in a match.

This process will help also a hacker to get rid off 10 minutes connection terminated ban.


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