98% of Indian users caught in the dark net, threat to credit and debit card details

Nowadays the trend of online payment has become very fast. Everyone is adopting the online method for everyone’s payment. Whether it is mobile bill or electricity bill, almost every payment is started online. The more we are moving towards Digital India, the more we are putting ourselves in danger. However, this is not always the case. But if you do not take care of some things then you can get into trouble.

98 percent of Indian information available for sale: According to Group IB, a cyber security company of Singapore, 98 percent of the number of cards that have been shared on the dark net at this time are Indians. According to the report, payment details of 4,61,976 cards of Indians have been made available for sale in Jokers Stash. Let me tell you that this is a portal through which such information is bought and sold. The Group IB report states that these data of credit and debit cards have been collected by phishing attacks. If seen, cases of fishing attacks have increased rapidly in the last few years.

Group IB has reported that the underground market value of this business is more than 42 million dollars. However, information about which source came from this data is not available at the moment. Group IB was first reported to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). Along with this, it has also been said to take important steps for data security. According to the Threat Intelligence team of Group IB, these details include not only the card number but also other personal information including expiry date, CVV / CVC code. In such a situation, we would like to suggest that you do not share any information related to your cards with anyone, nor save it on online portals.