The Required Run Commands(cmd) in Windows 10 February 13, 2020 by Anil Patil

Find out the required run commands in Windows 7


If you are a Windows user then of course you are familiar with the run command of Windows. If you are not familiar then listen: Run command is a system where your computer runs the software wire or program on your computer according to your command. So guys today in this article, I will discuss about 10 essential Windows run commands.


Run Commands

How to use the run command?

To use the run command, first press ‘Windows + R’ then a window will appear below.

In this window you will find a box for writing commands. In this box you need to type in the command and click ‘OK’ or press enter, then your program will run.


Run Commands

So, below are 10 essential Windows run commands.

1. “\”

This command will open the C drive on your computer. So from now on, if you need to access your computer’s C drive, just press ‘Windows + R’ and open the run command and press “\” and press Enter.

2. “.”

This command will open your computer’s home folder. So if you want to open the home folder of the computer “.” Use this command.

3. “Calc”

Your calculator needs to be open! Then use this command. Using this command you will be able to open the calculator quickly.

4. “notepad”

At this point you need to make some notes! Type “notepad” in the bass key key box and press Enter.

5. “CMD”

If you are a Windows user you are certainly familiar with ‘CMD’. Regular Windows is also known as a user. So if you want to open CMD, type “CMD” in the Run box and press Enter.

6. “mrt”

This command will open the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Yes, this tool will help you to clear some known malicious software.

7. “ncpa.cpl”

If you use multiple network adapters on your Windows computer, then you will probably occasionally get into network trouble. Well, this command will open the network connection settings where you can access all network adapters.

8. “netplwiz”

If you need to open Advanced User Account settings in Windows, you can use this command. Another way to open advanced user account settings is to go to the control panel, which is a much longer process.

9. “perfmon.msc”

This command is known as the performance command. If you need to monitor the performance of your computer, you can use this command. Just go to the command box and type “perfmon.msc” and press Enter.

10. “Powershell”

PowerShell is a framework for task automation and configuration from Microsoft. This is very similar to CMD. Just go to the Run command box and type “Powershell” and press Enter.

As of today, there will be another article in the future.


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