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Why my mobile phone hang? What to do when phone hangs?

Causes and Solutions of Mobile Hanging Tips

Currently, the popularity of the Android operating system is up. But sometimes we have some problems with using this favorite Android mobile. One of those major problems is getting the hang of the mobile. By following some methods we can get rid of it. Before that let us know why our mobile is hanging.

Hang Mobile Solutions
Hang Mobile Solutions

Reasons to hang mobile:

1. The reason why Android mobile hangs up is because of its mobile space. This means that when you use many applications at the same time, the mobile hangs when memory (RAM) is less than required.

2. If we install an excessive amount of applications on the phone (Internal Memory / ROM) instead of the memory card (External Memory), then the phone may hang due to ROM deficiency.

3. If cookies, caches, log files. Neither is clearing. However, they can be jammed memory and hang from the mobile.

4. Heavy application compared to mobile memory, hangs while playing games.

Background Reason of Hanging

You need to know some background Reason of your mobile phone hang to solve out easily.

  1. If you installed too many applications on your device and you don’t want to uninstall that, so all the applications are running in background without your permission, even if you force stop that applications.
  2. If you reboot your phone then all the applications shall try to run in the background, even you not opened that applications
  3. Not only force stop can free your ram because some of Device Applications and Google applications will run automatically.
  4. There the matter of the Internet access to Your Installed applications
  5. If you disable Internet access from your installed apps which you not using currently and then force stop this applications your phone will naver give access to run the apps in the background

Normal Solution:

  1. If you want to install something, try to install it on a memory card. That is, to keep the phone memory as blank as possible.
  2. Uninstallapps that you don’t use.
  3. Never run a heavy application if your mobile’s memory (RAM) is low.(if you urgently need to run then follow next steps)
  4. Notethat many applications are running at the same time.
  5. Youcan use “Advanced Task Killer”, “Easy Task Killer” to close the app (RAM) memory.

Advance Solutions :

If you do this process regular your phone shall naver hang in future.

  • Download force stop apps from play store
  • Then Go to phone settings
  • Then go to mobile network usages
  • Then go to using wifi and mobile data
  • Now close all applications internet access

Note : Close which apps data access that you don’t want to run currently.

  • Google apps using you high level of ram so currently if you are not using Google apps close the data connection even from Google Play Services
  • After it Open force stop apps
  • Mark tick system apps.
  • Click on boost icon to stopping apps
  • Then click on ok or don’t show it again
  • Turn on the accessibility permission for Force stops apps. Your process of stopping applications will run automatically. Now wait till it finish.
  • After it now you need to Force stops some Google Apps manually. (if you trun off data connection for google apps then it’s work otherwise you can’t)
  • Now go to app info of Google, Drive, Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps And Chrome and force stop all of them
  • Your phone ram is ready to perform smoother experience.
  • If you reboot your phone or run again those apps which you stops before then do this process again.

What to do if a mobile hangs

People’s reliance on mobile phones has grown so much that no one can think of a day without this device. If mobile phones do not work properly for a while, many become impatient. Continuous use of a mobile phone can sometimes cause it to ‘hang’ or become stuck. Generally, mobile phones start to ‘hang’ as various applications, games and videos take up a lot of memory space.

Users of Google’s new Android software, Marsemallow, can easily see how much space is left on their Android phone’s memory and RAM. If the phone hangs, here’s what you can do to remove it:

1. Go to the phone’s Settings option and you can see how much memory there is. Check how much memory the video, photos, and app have occupied.

2. Select the Memory Usage option from the App option. Details of the exact location of the app can be found on the phone or SD card.

4. If an app becomes redundant, you can uninstall it. In addition, eliminating unnecessary photos or videos will free up the ‘hang’ problem of the phone.