20 Effective Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

Written by Anil Patil, Published on March 12, 2020 3:04 pm, GMT+0530

20 Effective Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

We all use Android phones now but the main problem with this Android phone is battery life. This is why we use normal phones with many Android phones, but today I came up with some tips that, if followed, guarantee that your phone’s battery life will be up to 5%.
After following these tips, my smartphone’s battery life is 3-4 hours out.

1) Buy a new mobile and charge 4-5 hours for less.

2) Do not use vibration if you do not need too much. Due to vibration, charges drop fast.

3) Once the full charge of the battery is completed once a month, charge it.

4) Turn on Airplane mode while charging. Charges will be done soon

5) Keep the brightness of the mobile down. Neighboring lighting can cause problems for your eyes!

6) I reset the factory data once a month. Now let’s sort it out. It removes viruses or malware and keeps both mobile batteries healthy. Those of you who are additional smartphone users can reset once per week.

7 Always use the original charger on the set.

8) Those who are less likely to get calls from outside while playing games or watching movies, play Airplane mode or play games.

9) Do not turn on Bluetooth, Internet, WiFi for unnecessary reasons.

10) Battery loss is more frequent when searching network signals. So stay away from it.

11) Place the mobile phone in a cool place. That is, at normal temperature. Do not place mobile phones in hot places. I put the battery on an IPS. Later my phone rang at 8am.

12) To open the charge, first open the charger from the socket and then open the mobile cables.

13) It is best to keep the mobile off during charge (especially for new mobiles).

14) If the battery life is 3-5% charge before or even before. Android-Jelly-Bean-Improves-the-Battery-Life-Screenshot

15) Do not hold the charger for long. Many of us sleep at night with a charge on the bed, so that the charger is connected even after full charge. Abandon this practice, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

16) WiFi, Location Services, Bluetooth, Connection Mobile battery is used more than the Internet connection, although WiFi, Location Services, Bluetooth, Connection can be used easily and without cost in many places. So if you do not need it, turn off WiFi, Location Services, Bluetooth, connection and your battery will be saved.

17) If the paper is animated or motion oriented, make it diable.

18) You can use various battery supported utility software available free of charge.

19) According to a report published in the Daily Mail, experts say, it is not advisable to charge up to 5% of smartphone battery! Rather, it is advisable to always keep the charge above 1-5%. That is, keeping your phone’s battery charge between 3-5 percent will be best for its performance. It is even suggested to avoid wireless charging.

20) Avoid installing live wallpapers or various unnecessary software. Keep in mind that the less software installed, the faster the mobile is and the less expensive the battery.

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