Record PC Input output Sound & Text to Speech in Mp3 format

Written by Anil Patil, Published on March 12, 2020 1:27 pm, GMT+0530

Record PC Input output Sound & Text to Speech in Mp3 format

Follow some easy steps to record your internal sound and convert it into an mp3 format for free.

Today we will cover how to record internal audio from pc without a microphone, record audio from computer online, audacity record computer audio mac, record pc, desktop, laptop internal sound with vb virtual audio cable, audacity record computer audio and mic, stereo mix windows 10 & speech to text, text to speech voice. even you can record, convert text into mp3 formats.


  1. VB-Audio Virtual Cable
  2. Free Source of Text to Speech Software
  3. Open Source Audio Recorder with Driver Settings Compatible.

So Lets start,

  • Setup VB-Audio Virtual Cable in recording tab


  • Setup input VB Cable in Playback Tab
  • install any free software to record your output as input to convert after it looks like that,
  • Don’t forget to change your Sound Drivers Settings as the image below:

VB Audio Virtual Drivers Settings for Windows 10 

  • At the last, start playing your input to record it in your software and save it in mp3, wav, etc format

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