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Difference between Android Vs iOS Which is Best Smartphone?

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Which smartphone you have to buy

Many of us are confused when buying a smartphone, which phone to buy. (Especially for those who have a little more budget or money).
Brother I can’t afford to buy a big budget phone Android or iPhone. Again when we ask an Android user which phone is best then he answers Android phone. When I ask an iPhone user again, he says iPhone tie best After reading this post today, all your confusion will go away and you can buy the phone for your convenience

1 Android VS iOS

Best for iOS Privacy. We see a lot of weird apps in the Google play store or other Android app stores. Such as: zodiac, blackjud, etc. Google releases these without having to check the privacy of the app. Anyone who releases this type of app in the play store can easily hack any of their personal data. So if you are an android user, please check the Permission details before downloading this kind of app. On the other hand, the number of these apps is rare in Apple’s App Store. Therefore, it is not possible to hack personal data. That’s why big celebrities choose Apple for their privacy.

Android VS iOS Which is Best ?

Apple is the only iOS based smartphone company. And at present Apple has 30 variants of just over 5 models. Android OS based companies, on the other hand, sell smartphones and have numerous models and variants. So Android smartphones can be purchased at your own choic

2 Android Vs iOS Quality Check

At the end of these come the price and the build quality.

Even though the build quality of the iPhone is good, it becomes over budget for many. Because the Apple company makes three times the profit of its production costs. On the other hand, Android phones of Tk 4 budget have better build quality than iPhone. So I think Android tie is best in terms of price and build quality. After reading this post I think the knowledge of smartphone buying has increased a bit. Buy Android now or iPhone is your choice. If you have any problems please comment.

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