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Understanding Your Marketing

People often confuse social marketing with social media marketing, but what is the difference between the two? Lets figured out by solving some myths & complementary facts.

Top 5 Difference between Digital marketing & Social media marketing

Digital marketing Social marketing
1. Digital marketing is a means to promote your business or brand through digital platforms both internet based and offline channel’s.1. Social media marketing includes Content sharing, images, and videos, on social networks are big contributors to social media marketing.
2. Digital marketing is not just limited to social marketing efforts.2. Social media is only one component of digital marketing.
3. Digital marketing is target a much wider audience.3. The reach of social marketing is limited.
4. it leverages both online channel’s and off-line channel’s to promote brand4. Social media always help you to understand trendings.
5. Digital marketing gives batter practical experiences then social marketing.5. it will helps out to reach targeted and unique audiences.


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