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No One Can Copy Your WordPress Site Post, See Trick

This is so difficult when a writer writes a post, then after publishing on the website, another writer selects the copy, publishes it on his site or other site, without giving any credit.
If this is the view of a previous writer who published his writing on other sites but did not give him credit, then I can not explain the extent of his anger. Copy Your WordPress Site Post

Those who copy and paste the copy, requesting credit to the author as a result of the author’s trouble.

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Well anyway brother, if you think so; My head-breaking work will be copied to another site and pasted to other sites. I cannot allow it to happen without credit.

Copy Your WordPress Site Post

In your WordPress site, you can easily stop copying these copyists, but you also have a little problem that you will not, if you do not say, will later abuse me, that is why I have to put the other hand under the water. If you have to go 3 hands under the water, just as you follow this trick to stop copy-pasteting all you and the paste will stop.

Suppose you write a post on a notepad, publish the text when the text is complete, but when you post it, you will see that the post box is not pasted, so this is also a problem.
If you want to keep your content relevant then you need to come to the post site, then publish it.

You should use a plugin to stop copying WordPress site posts, the plugin name is: wp content copy protector

Basic Features:

Protect your content from selection and copy. This plugin makes protecting
Your posts are extremely simple without yelling at your readers

No one can save images from your site.

No right click or context menu.

Show alert message, Image Ad or HTML Ad Save images or right click.

Disable the following keys CTRL + A, CTRL + C, CTRL + X, CTRL + S or CTRL + V.

Advanced and easy to use control panel.

No one can right click images on your site if you want

Download link for the plugin
By uploading the plugin and activating it, you will not have to do any work settings.

Be good thanks


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