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Which Is Right: Provide Content Or SEO?

SEO is a myth, why I say that because we read it all the time on the internet: SEO, SEO …
We forget about what and the true purpose of SEO, which is to improve the performance of WEB Pages in the eyes of search engines. So if previously we did not have a WEB page, what do you want on ‘SEO’? But I have to understand that on every Matrix of SEO service sellers, SEO is always far above the content. Maybe it’s because I look at things on the internet too much.

But is their SEO strategy very important? No, as long as we understand how to basic blogging.

Before discussing further we need to step back to look at ourselves, are we a novice blogger, is our blog optimized for business purposes? If yes SEO is the 13th requirement, if not, SEO doesn’t need to be overly thought about. Consider the following matrix which intentionally ‘leads’ us to put SEO together:

SEO is the priority of SEO services
In the Matrix above SEO placed number one. We will see this everywhere. And I understand because providers also tend to believe this myth, and of course they will not give a ‘job’ to the blogger page that looks in the parameters look bad. So the SEO service owners use it they make campaigns repeatedly systematically and their numbers are very large.

They don’t mean it? Legitimate legitimate business subjects: SEO services. But we must not forget the technique of conveying information in this day and age is so great. They are not in plain sight we are wrong because they make our perception.

Slowly our brain swallows it and starts to believe it. And remember the provider has also been affected. But borrowing the matrix above, what we need as our priorities in blogging is actually:

Quality content is blogging priority
For me who do not prioritize SEO, the content must always be prioritized. After all, SEO will be able to come at any time when we need it, but content? And no less important for priority testing are mobile pages, then blog speed. For me SEO is the last!

Especially for novice bloggers without content you will not have a blog page that has visitors, you must also pay attention to pages that are mobile and fast, then share with the right groups on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. All three of the above are elements of SEO. While using SEO optimization services is the last solution.

So actually the SEO blog page is: Having quality content. Create and write as much good content as possible, I will definitely visit, if possible from today I will avoid blogs that are SEO, and I believe Bert’s Google algorithm will counter deviant SEO techniques. The natural technique is content!
Mobile friendly. Use templates that are mobile friendly and responsive.
Use a fast template. Simplify the template so that visitors feel at home and do not bounce because the blog loads over time.
Always share to social media. Don’t forget to share to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.)
Finally, use SEO services. SEO is not possible beforehand if you do not have a web page or blog.
Simple is strong and durable. So if we have implemented the above, is it still necessary to be discouraged if it is said to not have a SEO blog page? Don’t rush to trust SEO campaigns.

Strangely many SEO services on behalf of or at least associate their ‘business’ with Google. Yet on many occasions even though it is implicitly Google has denied this.

For example Google never recognizes MOZ parameters named DA and PA. But bloggers or web owners believe it. Maybe because Google itself does not provide any parameters, and maybe also because in the end the project provider also believed it.

Sorry if this article is only my opinion. I just don’t want SEO services to claim to have succeeded in improving the performance of our blog pages when in fact our blog pages have naturally improved performance. Everything is just a matter of time.

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