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Windows 7 Officially Dead ! What Next ? This Amazing OS – Windows 7 news 2020

There is time to good bye to popular Opareting System Windows 7. Microsoft discontinued or stop to give any updates of windows 7. Now you can’t got any support for Windows 7.Windows 7 Officially Dead..

Windows 7  Dead…………………

In this article we know that how was better this Opareting System. And now memers and rosters how meams this Opareting System. For this OS ban how it is effective to normal person. And how any OS got banned?

When Windows 7 Come ?

It was came on 2009. It was the time when Windows XP was rating down by users. But before windows 7 the windows XP was the No.1 Opareting System for this time users. Windows XP OS comes when computer was expensive. After Windows XP the 2nd popular Opareting System Was Windows Vista. Then come windows 7 to fix all problems of drivers and hardware failure.

Windows 7 Features

At this time windows 7 has too many features like theme changing, clock widget, CPU meter etc.

This is the one and only PC based Opareting System not for tab or mobile. This was make with focus on computer. At this time that was the best Gaming OS.

How it was Banned ?

Then came windows 8 or fixed version windows 10. Windows 10 have number of huge features. And it’s attractive by users. User ratings up this Opareting System. Because it’s easy or looking beautiful for a normal users. Microsoft is still giving this OS up to date. And that is the why windows 7 was totally ban.

Disadvantages of Windows 7 ban

There Microsoft would not give any security patches for Windows 7, so it’s risky to use if you are using internet connection or any input devices which related with internet.

If any offices using windows 7 with license then Microsoft informed their to upgrade OS.

If you are using laptop then you can upgrade free to windows 10 OS.

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Yo! if you really care about your works from Microsofts Support & updates then you have to do it. isn’t sounds good.

Windows 7 news 2020 update to windows 10

Windows 7 Officially Dead

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