Flipkart, Swiggy and Jomato started delivery during lockdown

Flipkart delivery

If you want to buy grocery during lockdown for corona virus don’t worry. Online grocery market like Flipkart Swiggy and Zomato provide essential food and beverage products, At the same time, food delivery apps Swiggy.

Flipkart delivery

During lockdown customer can order their essential product like Tea, Coffee, Soap. Flipkart shall deliver those products at consumer’s doorstep. Online shopping company announced that for now they are delivered those essential products to Bengaluru, and will soon start in Mumbai. In a week, this facility will also be available in Delhi and in future extra two cities.

The food delivery app Swiggy has also started delivering groceries and other essentials products to two cities. Swiggy has had contract with many offline retailers. It also includes the giant Megamart and Marico. The company claims that they will deliver the groceries in just two hours. Customers can also avail the pick and drop facility with the help of Swiggy Go and Swiggy Jenny. With the help of this feature customer can avail pick and drop on any item from your nearest store. Last week, another food delivery app, Zomato, also started delivering groceries in eighty cities. Zomato said that the facility has been launched in India and UAE.

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