How to increase usb storage capacity ?

increase USB Capasity

How to increase usb storage capacity ?

[ Note- If you have a File / Folder on Pendrive, copy it somewhere else in advance. Then format Pendrive. Otherwise it will be Corrupted.]

For this you need to download a file first. Click here to download.

This is a Zip file. Extract after downloading the file. Then, in the Extracted Folder, you will find a file like the one below. Double-click on it and open it.



Then a window like the picture below will appear. Here, first type what you want to name your Pendrive and press Enter. I wrote my name here.

Pendrive Increase

Then it will come down. Here, type the drive letter of your Pendrive and press Enter. Go to This PC / My Computer to find out what your Pendrive Drive Letter is. Be careful when writing Drive Letter. Don’t forget to make mistakes.

How to increase usb storage capacity ?

Check out my Pendrive drive Letter G in the picture below. So I wrote G. Also keep an eye on the current Size Tow on my Pendrive. My Pendrive is now 8 GB.

Well, then it will tell you how much GB you want Pendrive. Enter your desired size here and enter. Maximum Size Unlimited. However, if you enter a larger size, you will have to sit hour after hour.

I wrote 32 here.

windows 10


Then the process of processing will begin. You have to wait according to your size. When the work is done, it will come down. Press any key on your Keyboard or click the Close option with the mouse.


Then you will see that the size of your Pendrive has increased.


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