Free Coronavirus Testing Only For Poor, by Supreme Court

Only the poor will get the Coronavirus test free, the Supreme Court said Monday. The court has said that the central government has to decide who will get the benefits and who will not get it. In addition, the Supreme Court said the private laboratory ICMR could test the coroner at a fixed cost. In the private laboratory, the approved cost of the Corona Testing Center is fixed. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that everyone in the country should get a free corona test. But private laboratories have reported that it is not possible for them to spend this for free. The Supreme Court on Monday changed the decision.

During the court hearing that day, the judges said, “We have seen the government giving their best. We’re changing our judgment. We want the government to decide who will get this service for free. ”

The Supreme Court has said that those who belong to the ‘Ayushmann-India Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana’ and other economically backward classes will be able to conduct the free quid-1 test.
The judges have to inform the government within a week of their decision, the judges said.

Calling the matter ‘humanitarian’, the apex court ruled last week that the Corona test should be made free for all. But most private laboratories say they are unable to afford the cost due to the government-appointed Tk.

Kiran Majumdar Shaw, head of Beacon Limited, said that even though this verdict is humane, it cannot be practically implemented in a practical way.He tweeted, saying it is not possible for a private laboratory to lend their business.