Optimize Your Website With Best Online SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of a site. If you want to get your SEO results, it is important to look into this.

If you want to work with SEO Tools then this article is for you. Search Engine Optimization is the main tool for getting website traffic.
Suppose you have created a web site and you want to spread it among the people then you must share it on the platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. And then the person who likes what you share comes around and gets some visitors.

And if you do SEO, if you search the content of your site on a search engine, then your site will be exposed to the search engines, so that you can get a good amount of traffic.
You need to know about SEO in order to get numerous visitors to your site. Must have good quality content.

SEO Tools make your work easier. If you want to research SEO, stay tuned for full article.

1. Article Rewriter

article rewriter

Everything in the article will remain the same, but it will break the article using the alternative synonym of the word used.

2. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker seo tools online free


One of the best online SEO tools to verify if your content is copy-paste free.
Whether it’s the same article as the one seen online.

3. Backlink Maker

online free baclink maker seo tools


To create a Backlink, the site of the High Rank is to be targeted And this Backlink helps to bring your site visitors from other sites. If you don’t know how to create a Backlink, you can use SEO Tools’s Auto Backlink Maker.

4. Meta Tag Generator –

You can get good position on Search Engine for the site Meta Tag. However, if you cannot create a Meta Tag, you can generate and run it.

5. Meta Tag Analyzer-

You can use this SEO tool to know the Meta Tag of any site or to see if Meta Tag is correct.

6. Keyword Position Checker

Keyword selection lets you reach the first page of Google Search Engine.

So you can use it to know the position of the keywords you use.

7. Robot.txt Generator-

If you cannot create Robot.txt for the site, then this is for you. Robot.txt allows you to control the search engine’s Bot Search Performance.

8. XML Sitemap Generator-

Sitemaps are very useful for submitting to all the post search engines. But if you don’t know how to create a Sitemap, then Auto Generate.

9. Backlink Checker –

Knowing how many backlinks to any site has a lot of benefits. And you can easily know by submitting the name of the site backlink information.

10. Alexa Rank Checker-

Alexa Rank where all site rank information is available. You can easily find the site of World Rank or Country Rank.

11. Word Counter –

Word Counter can help you find out how many words you have used in your article.

12. Online Ping Website Tools-

You can try sending Ping to your site by visiting Online Ping Website Tools. Which is able to send Ping from many sites to your site.

13. Link Analyzer-

Use this SEO tool to find information about any page’s internal, external, no-follow, etc.

14. My IP Address –

You can use these tools to find out more information, including your IP address.

15. Keyword Density Checker –

You can use any link to know its Keyword and its Density, as well as some more information.

16. Google Malware Checker –

Many times it is seen that the site is not safe, there is a message. And it can happen for many reasons. However, you can use Google Tools to know if your site is safe.

17. Domain Age Checker –

This will tell the age information of any domain.

18. Whois Checker-

Whois Checker does not have a comparison for all domain details. If you want to know a lot of their information.

19. Domain into IP –

For any domain IP information, simply submit the name and submit information.

20. URL Rewriting Tool

Check out these SEO Tools for tips on how to Rewrite a link or url.

21. www. Redirect Checker

You can check that your domain is redirecting through www.

22. MozRank Checker-

This tool can be used to find out MozRank for your site.

23. URL Encode / Decode –

You can also check out any links that you want to encode or decode SEO tools.

24. Server Status Checker-

You can use this tool to find out what the server is doing

25. Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator –

If you want to visit any site with a specific Screen Size, you can check out this tool.

 26. Page Size Checker

You can use the Page Size Checker to find out the page size of any link.

27. Reverse IP Domain Checker-

You can check if a domain has a Reverse IP.

28. Blacklist Lookup-

Many times the domain gets suspended because of the black list. So if you want to know if your domain is blacklisted, use it

29. Suspicious Domain Checker –

Check your domain with antivirus engine to see if it is safe.

30. Link Price Calculator-

This SEO tool is there to check the pricing of any link. Which shows that the value of a link.

31. Website Screenshot Generator-

This Screenshort Generator is for any website to take pictures of.

32. Domain Hosting Checker –

Use this SEO Tools to Know About Any Domain Hosting.

33. Source Code of Webpage –

You can use these tools to view the source code or code of the web page.

34. Google Index Checker –

Can be used to find out if a link is indexed in Google search engine.

35. Website Links Count Checker –

It will help you to find out how many links to your website.

36. Class C Ip Checker  –

This tool is used to know the Class C Ip of any site.

37. Online Md5 Generator –

This tool can be used to generate any Md5 Hash text.

38. Page Speed Checker –

This tool is used to know the loading speed of any page.

39. Code to Text Ratio Checker –

This SEO tool is used to find Text Ratio from any page’s code.

40. Find DNS records –

If you want to find out the DNS Record, you can check these tools manually.

41. What Is My Browser –

You can use this tool to get all the information about your browser.

42. Email Privacy-

Try the Check Tools tool to check if email privacy is right.

43. Broken Links Finder –

A link on the site is used to check if there is a problem.