Tiktok Viral Suicide Video: Young Men Committed to Suicide April 21, 2020 by Anil Patil

TikTok didn’t get enough likes in the video, so one young man chose the line of suicide. The family was told that the young man was suffering from exhaustion for not getting enough likes in the Tiktok video. Although no letter has been found after the suicide.

According to the police, the young man lived with his father. Both of them worked in a non-government organization. Recently, the youngsters were always at home because of the lockdown. He used to spend time at home making videos and posting on social media, including ticktocks.

“He was upset for a few days for not getting enough likes on the video. That young man told his father. ” Noida Sector-1 police officer said. He also said that on Thursday evening, the police received a call that the young man had committed suicide with a rope.



“Police immediately reached the spot. The body was sent for autopsy. However, no suicide note was recovered from the spot. Initial investigation revealed that he committed suicide for not getting enough likes in the video. The young man’s father could not give any more information about this. ” Said the officer.

Talking to the neighbors, the police came to know that the young man had been depressed for the past few days. He is said to have stayed up all night making videos. After the autopsy, the body of the deceased was handed over to the father.

“Police had to break down the door to rescue the body after reaching the spot. Talking to family and neighbors it was reported that she was suffering from depression due to not getting enough likes in the video. Although no letter was received from the scene. An investigation is underway. ” Noida Zone 1 Assistant Commissioner of Police Kumar Ranbijoy Singh said.

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