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What is Gorilla Glass? How Strong Are These ?

What is Gorilla Glass? How strong are these?

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Nowadays everyone wants a robust device when buying a smartphone. Because most consumers use a smartphone for at least one and a half years. The most fragile part of smartphones is its display. The simple glass screen is easily broken by hand. To get rid of this, for several years, various mobile phone manufacturers have been using a type of glass called Corning Gorilla Glass on the display of smartphones, which can be much more disturbing than ordinary glass.

Gorilla Glass is powerful – even if you know it, how it works or the details about it are unknown to many. Let’s find out what the thing is!

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a special type of glass that is trademarked and manufactured by a US company called Corning Inc. The company was founded in America in 1851 as Corning Glass Works. The company later changed its name to Corning Inc. In addition to New York, there are two research centers in Japan and Taiwan with their glass.

The name Gorilla Glass seems to be due to the fact that the gorilla is strong. Frankly speaking, gorilla glass is not one that breaks at all. However, it is much stronger than ordinary glass. The last sixth-generation Gorilla Glass (1) from 5 m height to the uneven place after 3 consecutive drops test, its sample was intact.
Fifth-generation gorilla glasses are still in most cases intact, although they fall from a height of 1.5 meters. Corning claims to be twice as good as the previous generation of Gorilla Glass 3. The company conducts numerous tests to ensure its durability.

Gorilla glass is technically a type of aluminosilicate. They are sand-based and are chemical compounds formed in composites of aluminum, silicon and oxygen.

After initially making the glass, it is kept in a salted bath at a temperature of 4 ° C. This temperature initiates a chemical process called ion exchange, whereby large potassium ions of salt enter the glass and squeeze out the small sodium ions contained in the glass. As a result, the density of the glass increases significantly and this greater concentration gives the gorilla glass the desired durability.

Gorilla Glass was first made in the 20th century. Then it was upgraded in different ways in the years 212, 20 and 28. The fifth-generation Gorilla Glass has been released in 2016. Gorilla Glass 6 came in 2016. Besides, they have also created a type of Gorilla Glass DX Plus for smartwatch. Gorilla glass is even being used in cars. Gorilla Glass has also been used in the Samsung Galaxy S4 series.

Gorilla glass is made in a special process, but after all, it is actually glass. So it is possible to recycle gorilla glass like ten other glasses. Even considering its effects on the environment, it is not as harmful as windows or bottles of glass.

Antimicrobial gorilla glass
It is a kind of special gorilla glass that is strong and resistant to germs at the same time. The glass is being made to protect users from germs on various wearable devices and touch screens.

From smartphones, smartwatches to many devices the display is Gorilla Glass Protected. This number is increasing day by day. Although Corning Company’s Gorilla Glass is used on most devices, there are several options. Chief among them is the Asahi Company’s DragonTail Glass. Already many companies, including Sony, Samsung, Zolo, have used DragonTel Glass on their devices. Moreover, the Sapphire glass used in the Apple Watch is also very powerful.

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