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Top 5 Dropbox Tips and Tricks 2019, Dropbox Tips you should know in 2020

Hello and welcome to Indiaztech.com, and I’m your writer Anil Patil in this article, Where I will give you some massive and most effective Dropbox tips and tricks from 2019-2020 which will really surprised you. So Let’s get started…

The following 5 Dropbox tricks and tips you should try,

Access files offline

Yes, you can access files without internet in Dropbox just tap the icon on right it it and switch on the the available offline toggle and Dropbox will download the file to your device for few them letter without any internet connection.

Boost upload speed

Yo, if you are facing bandwidth issues which are very slow to upload and sync, then try this trick to upload fast. If you are on the desktop then right click on Dropbox icon in the system tray in bottom > click on setting gear > performances > then you will see the bandwidth tab > select don’t limit. Lock

Delete files without leaving tracks

Do you know Dropbox keeps your files caches which will be used in emergency purpose when you mistakenly delete any important file. Open the file manager then copy and paste this location path into your location bar %HOMEPATH%\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache This URL transfer you to Dropbox cache folder.

Access previous versions of your files

Dropbox stores your files versions for 30 days so you can restore the file if you made any wrong changes I just want to see its previous version its similar to to file history features and Windows 10.

Direct link of your files

If you want to download your file directly from your browser in just a single click then this trick will work for you. Simply change the Dropbox link dl=0 to dl=1 and this will start downloading.

Hope it will work for you 2 easy your workflow. Hans don’t forget to comment your queries down below

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