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How to launch Care Reaction Facebook

How to launch Care React on Facebook

Friends, I am Rahul Islam Today, for two days, there has been a storm on Facebook about this care reaction.

Many people on Facebook are saying that

Facebook Reaction
  • To comment by typing * 578 #
  • Share this post with me
  • 6 by sharing the posts in my ID or group
  • In my post, first with a haha reaction
  • I will activate it …………………………
  • Comments on all posts in the group
  • To update the Facebook app
Friends, the above methods are completely wrong

To know why it is wrong, you need to know about the host of Facebook Before that a short question:

Why is Facebook server or host so fast? Facebook’s server or host is located in the word?

In all the countries of the world where Facebook is launched, the host position of Facebook is in different places in all the countries
In a word, there are 6 Facebook servers in India… Which is why Facebook is much faster than other sites…….
In addition, the data of different IDs of Facebook is saved in different hosts available in different countries……………………..

Yes friends Case Solved Facebook is doing one by one without updating all their hosts at once, so many people are not getting this care reaction.

So How Will Care React turn on?

The databases of Facebook are being updated slowly There is nothing to do but wait until you get an update on the IT that is not happening They will probably start this Carrack on all the IDs in their database within 7 days. There is nothing tense about it Wait until it arrives

So friends, so far today You’ll be fine See you at the next post Until then, stay well, keep well ………. I am silent with you….

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