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Gain Adsense CPC, CTR, RPM by Batter Understanding Google Adsense Algorithm

Many of your friends are Suspended for AdSense Account Invalid Click. Google Adsense Low CPC problems are commons even you have to face a lot of problems while running AdSense ads. In this time I am going to fix out some most important problems such as low AdSense CPC on India and USA traffic, no ad clicks except much traffic, No Adsense Earnings,

Adsense Invalid Click:

When your AdSense is disabled and you can not log in there, you will check your Gmail. This means that you will check the messages by logging in to the Gmail with which you are opening the account. Because after AdSense is disabled, they will send a message to your mail. Then you will read that message well. Because most of the time it is disabled for Invalid Activity but everyone thinks Invalid Click. This is because they do not read the mail attentively. There are many types of Invalid Activity in AdSense, the mistake we always make is to open multiple AdSense. They do not specify the reason for disabling Google’s privacy, so you need to find out. Then you have to appeal to AdSense. Sadly, if you really make a mistake, your chances of getting it back are 1% -2%. If you don’t get it back, you have to open an account from a new computer with another name and address and make sure that Invalid Activity does not happen. So stop doing this.
Now let’s talk about the CTR, CPC, RPM options in AdSense. There are a lot of new YouTubers out there who are just starting out and there are a lot of people who don’t know anything about CTR, CPC, or RPM. Little did they know that they would read this part well

Google Adsense cpc increase

Google Adsense CTR

In fact, the full form of CTR is Click Through Rate. When the ad is shown in the video, not everyone clicks there. Those who click are counted. And those who do not click on your ad are not counted. CTR is the number of clicks per 100 ad shows. If you show ads 100 times in any of your videos & if 5 people click there then CTR will be 5% and if 10 people click there will be 10%. However, if the CTR goes above 15%, it is dangerous. If you go above this, you will turn off monetization and fill the Invalid Click form in AdSense. In fact, you should always try to keep it below CTR 10. Many people think that even if you go above CTR 20, nothing will happen. Again, many times it is seen that even if you go above 20, nothing happens. In fact, it is not always. Nothing would have happened if CTR had gone up. But now if CTR goes above 15-20, if you don’t stop monetization, the channel will play twelve. Let’s click without seeing it. Suppose your video has an ad that lasts 30 seconds. Now viewers can skip that ad after watching it for 15 seconds. He grows up. I hope you understand.

Google Adsense CPC And CPM

Hope you Searched for Highest CPC keywords in India, USA, Canada, And Even Slovakia Now let’s talk about CPC. First of all, I would like to say that the full form of CPC is Cost Per Click. It is more or less depending on the video type and the viewer’s location. There is no specific way to increase CPC unless you change your content or change the target viewer. I am trying to explain a little more, let’s say you uploaded a video from Bangladesh & did an ad show there. You will get very little% or for money. But if this video was watched by viewers from other countries & your video If you were to click on his ads will get a lot more money, or%. If you get 1 taka by clicking on country viewers, you will get double the amount if you click on foreign viewers or more. For this reason, if you want most of your viewers to be USA or foreign, then you must make videos of English content. If you put more, then your income will be much better.

Increase cpc

Did you ever try to block low CPC ads?
Now many people may ask how can I understand which is Low-Quality Ad
Answer: It is very easy to find out. You will write or copy the name/link of the ad that will show in your video. Then you will search by typing Keywordspy in Google Duke. You will find a box where you can paste your copied editor link. Then you will find some options next to the box, then give the keywords & location in the USA. Then search. Then you will get the CPC rate of that ad. This way you can block the low rate CPC.

Page, Impressions RPM

Now I will talk about RPM. First of all, I will say that the full form of RPM is Revenue Per Mile. RPM is the dollar that is given every thousand times the ad is shown. However, if the viewer sees the ad for 30 seconds or more, it will be counted. If the viewer sees the ad for less than 30 seconds, you will get a few dollars less.
The last option I will talk about today is the AdSense Hosted Account and Non-Hosted Account.

Hosted Account

This is only for Google’s own product. For example, YouTube, Blogger, are Google’s own, so Google has control over the sites. So we can open and use it & earn income from blogs and channels.
Non-Hosted Accounts: These are for users’ own websites, such as www.example.com These sites are not controlled by Google, so they are later in the Non-Hosted Account. It is open for sites that are not controlled by Google.

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