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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel, Get Free 1k Subs, 4000 Watch time Views to Monetize

1. Plan Your Content –

how to get free 1k youtube channel subscribers
How to monetize youtube channel

Planning is needed for any work. So first of all decide what you will make a video about. You can create a Trending Video that YouTube can help you find. Then your View and Subscribe will increase much faster.

2. Fix the structure of the title –

Many of us on YouTube put any word we want. But did you know that about 80% of a video’s SEO depends on the title alone? You have to write the title in such a way that people can see your video when they search. Follow these steps to give a title:

how to get free YouTube subscribers
Youtube Channel Title

1. Your Title must have a Keyword.

2. The title must be within 50 Characters. (Although YouTube allows you to write 100-word titles, Google can’t do more SEO than 66 characters.)

3.Write something in the title so that people are easily attracted.

3. Important Rules to follow when Writing a Video Description –

A large part of the YouTube Video Description. So first of all you need to fix the description. Follow the steps below to write the description-

1. Let’s write 5000 Characters in YouTube Description. So you must take advantage of this 5000 Character. But don’t fill the description with unnecessary words.

2. Key Put the keyword at the beginning of the description. It is very effective in SEO.

3. Description in a few paragraphs.

4. Make the first part of the description interesting.

4. Follow the “Call to Action”-

Call to action is to request people to do something. When people are told not to do anything, just watching the video, all the interest of the people goes to the video and when the video is over, the people go out. So people have to be attracted to the video. You can ask people to Subscribe, Like, etc. (or some Request written in the picture above) in the video. It is better to put it in the video because not everyone reads the description. In this way, if people like your video, they can like it and even subscribe.

5. Make it Easy for People to Contact –

Many people do not want to say everything in the comment, or may need any help. So you need to make sure that they find you easily. For this, along with the description of each video, give your Social Media IDs at the bottom right of your Channel Art. This will allow people to contact you and they will subscribe to you if you are friendly with them.

6.Creating appropriate and attractive thumbnail –

People are the first to see the look tie on the outside of a thing. So if your thumnail is beautiful then people will be interested to go to your video. Don’t make thumnail smarter again. Going to make it more beautiful, it is useless to see the end. And of course keep in mind, your thumbnail should be on the subject of your video. Otherwise, your video may be deleted.

7.Reduce Video Duration –

This does not apply to large YouTubers, only small YouTubers will comply. Duration of YouTube Video in 5 minutes to get a good view (it is found to be research). According to a 2014 study, the duration of the best viewed video was only 4.5 minutes on average.

8. Using End Screen in Video –

YouTube has an interesting opportunity to increase your views. So it must be taken advantage of. At the end of each video, at least three of your best videos and a shortcut to subscribe to your channel. If people like it, you can go to those videos and it will increase your View and Watch Hour. Someone can also subscribe to you by clicking on your channel.

9. Using Intro and Outro in Video –

While intro and outro are not as important in video, it does contribute a lot to beauty. Moreover, when someone comes to a video, they do not see the name of the channel. He can know the name from Intro / Outro and later he can go to your channel by searching for any need.

10.Tagged in each video –

People can’t find your video just like that, for this people can give all possible word search, write all the words as tag so that people can find your video very easily. In this case, you can take the help of various software that will help you find trends and tags that go with your video.

11.Giving a link to your video on social media –

There is no shortage of people in social media, especially on Facebook, so if you leave the link of any new video, you will see that the view has increased in a moment, Subscribe-O can come. It is best to embed the video.

12.Using Third-Party Promoter –

There are some promoters, which in many cases promote your channel for free, some sites give you suggestions. Among such promoters, Tube Buddy has gained the most popularity so far. You can try it if you want.

13.Using Third-Party Exchange Site –

There are many sites that give you the opportunity to get millions of Subscribe, View, etc. for free. If you give Subscribe, Like, View etc. to others here, you will get Point and similarly you can buy Subscribe, Like, View etc. with this Point. Here are some of the sites:

You Like Hits

Like for Like

Or, you can use the Sub4Sub App.

14.Upload at least three videos a week –

Although it is not very effective, it is thought that frequent video uploads make people interested in watching your video. But if you can’t do that, try to give at least one video every week.

15.Show yourself –

This is a very effective step. If you see yourself, your acquaintances will go to your video when they see you and will Like, Share, Subscribe. Moreover, it also plays a big role in the case of Attraction.

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