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Google is Bringing a Virtual Debit Card

The famous search engine Google is testing its own virtual debit card. TechCrunch says the technology company has decided to help users shop online.
Virtual debit cards are currently being considered as a fancy addition to the Google Pay system in the technology world, where payments are now made through Google’s peer-to-peer payment system.

However, the card is not like Apple’s card. Apple’s card is basically a credit card. And Google’s card is a debit card. Google is doing this in partnership with the Stanford Federal Trade Union. The card will be a Visa card.
Although Google is working as a payment processor with MasterCard. The payment method on this card, of course, is the same as Apple’s, meaning it will pay via a plastic card and a tap-to-pay digital card on the phone. At the same time, Google will provide a separate virtual card number for online retailers. This card can be used to keep track of purchases like Google Maps using the Google App and can even lock the card using Google Pay.

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