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How to get Free UBER Rides in india, No coupons Code, Direct Method

Method 1 – How to get free UBER Ride

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  • 1. Download BlueStacks and go to the Play Store, and download the UBER app.(To utilize this the best, you will need a real cell phone number)
  • 2. Get a phone number confirmation on HF for $1. These numbers work on UBER and they’ll confirm the number for you. Or you can use a texting app that gives you a free number, but this doesn’t work al the time. Ex. TextFree
  • 3. Register yourself through the UBER app.
  • 4. Go to your main UBER account, and type in the UBER Rides referral code into your new Bluestacks Uber accounts promotion section.
  • 5. Use your first free ride, it should be a $10-20 referral.
  • 6. WAIT! you can keep doing this continuously
  • 7. Download BSTweaker 3.12
  • 8. Reset your GUID, go to your settings in the Bluestacks app, force stop your UBER apps and clear the data, and do it all again with a different account!
  • 9. You’ll end up with a $20 free credit to ride with your Bluestacks account, and $10-$20 credit on your main account. Enjoy!

Method 2 – How to get Free Ride In UBER

Visit Uber’s Support Site

1. Sign in to your UBER account, if you haven’t already and fill in the required fields with your UBER account info. Be sure to put “Cancel my Uber account” or a variation of it in the subject line.

Visit Uber’s Support Site.

2. In the body of the message, provide the rest of your account information. (name, phone number)

3. Select your Uber city.

4. Send

5. Now remake your account and repeat!

6. Enjoy!

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