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How to find a lost smartphone, Track Your Mobile Phone Online For Free

The most important thing is device, In daily life is your smartphone. apart from banking and other transaction apps, all personal information of life is saved on the smartphone. So if the smartphone is expensive, there may be a problem in personal security. Security can be a problem if everything from private messages to pictures is expensive. Google has a special service to find out if the smartphone is lost or stolen. You can download Google Find My Device from Google Play Store. If this service is installed, the lost smartphone can be found.

How to find a Lost Smartphone?

How to find lost phones in india - online mobile phone track

How to install Google Find My Device?

Google Find My Device can be installed from the Play Store. The size of this app in the Play Store is 2.3 MB. After downloading this app you will be asked to log in via email. You can log in using the email that is logged in to the Android device. Later you have to log in from the same email from the computer to find the smartphone.

After logging in, you will see a list of all your devices. When you log in without email, you can see all the nearby devices. It will be known when the smartphone was last seen using this service.

Download Find My Device 

Other features – Location Tracking

Most lost smartphones can be ringed without seeing the location. Even if the smartphone is in silent mode, it will ring. It also has the advantage of setting a new password on a lost smartphone. Also, all the data of the phone can be deleted if the smartphone is lost.

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