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WordPress Block Editor Plugin To Display Balloons, Text And Full Guide

If you used block editor in WordPress to write then we will discuss some more interesting things in this article.

Block Editor Tips:

  • There is a block editor decoration plugin, though.
  • It’s hard to see that you can use the block of the speech bubble.
  • So I tried to find it with all my heart.
  • Search for “Speech bubble”, an English translation of the balloon in the WordPress official plugin directory.
  • Then there were 5 plug-ins for the balloons that came out.
  • I actually tried using 5 of them, but 2 of them had PHP warnings (> _ <)
  • I would like to expect the future updates, so I will introduce the remaining three

These Three Plug-ins That Can Display Balloons With Block Editor

1.Word Balloon

Wordpress Blocks Plugin To Display Balloons

1. “Word Balloon”

How to use Word Balloon in Block Editor

Word Balloon’s blocks were in “General Blocks”.

About the setting items of Word Balloon

  • There were many setting items, and it was the most advanced function of the plug-ins introduced this time.
  • I think it’s interesting to be able to add effects to the icons because the range of expression expands.
  • To give an example, it looks like this.

File output by Word Balloon

  • The output was two CSS files and one Javascript file in my environment.
  • All are lightweight because they are written concisely.
  • Furthermore, a kind design (* ‘▽ `*) that only the articles using the Word Balloon block are output.
  • CSS and Javascript are not output for articles that do not use the top page, category page, or Word Balloon block, so there is no impact on the display speed and I think it is a now plugin.


How to use Guten-bubble –

  • Guten-bubble’s block was in “Widget block”.

Guten-bubble setting items –

The setting items are not as good as Word Balloon, but the design of the balloon seems to stick to it.

File output by Guten-bubble

  • Only the CSS1 file was output.
  • However, it was larger than Word Balloon and was output to all pages.
  • Well, it doesn’t mean that it’s a malfunction, and if you use Plugin Load Filter, it’s possible to output only the relevant article, which is an important issue.
  • By design, it is different from Word Balloon, so if Word Balloon feels uncomfortable, you may try Guten-bubble.



  • The block of LIQUID SPEECH BALLOON was in “Widget block”.
  • It is a block named “Fukidashi”.


  • To put it simply, it’s simple.
  • Since it is simple, the design range is small, but I think that it is easy to stick to it without explanation.
  • The corners of the avatar, etc., could not be set at the time I tried it, so it is necessary to take measures such as processing the original image into a circle.
  • Other fine adjustments cannot be made by setting, so if you are particular about it, you can apply CSS yourself, which is an impression for professionals.


  • Only the CSS1 file was output.
  • Since the design is simple, the size of the CSS file is also small, but it is uncompressed.
  • The CSS of LIQUID SPEECH BALLOON was also output to all pages as well as Guten-bubble.
  • Anyway, I want to display a balloon in the block editor!
  • No need for messy settings!
  • For those who like LIQUID SPEECH BALLOON is recommended.

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