Last day I was searching for a template for my blogger site after a long time I found a good template for my site and it was in zip, I thought it just like others simple compressed file and I will go for extract it but lolz it was password protected… a long time !!! a single file which is protected by password its sucks!! So decided to break him and found a cooly trick to get my template easily, Which I will share with you in this article and we will break password protected zip files specially Template files.

What is Zip or Compressed Files?

These files are usually compressed or packed for some reasons, protection, Visibility & widely used as they pack one or more computer files into a single file or folder which takes up less to remove unlock break password from zip files

How to Break Password Protected Zip Files and Extract it

  • If you have Windows 10 Version then double click to open.
  • Open With Notepad
  • Click on Files And Save as in your New Location (Make Sure Rename it)
  • Just Exit With Password protected Zip File And Volla! you have extracted your zip file without any password.

If these step not works for you kindly watch video and process it.

How to Break Password Protected Template Zip Compressed File Easily

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