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Tik Tok Star Siya Kakkar Committed Suicide Did She Leave any Suicide Note?


Popular Tik-Tok Star Siya Kakkar popularly known for her cute videos in Tik Tok passed away at her home in Preet Vihar Delhi. The aspiring actor, dancer and social media celebrity committed suicide and her age was just 16 years. The real reason or clue behind her suicide is not yet revealed. Siya Kakkar fans took to Twitter and other social media platforms to share their shock and grief. Siya Kakkar had a whopping 1.2 million fans on Tik-Tok and 18.9 million likes. Arjun Sarin, her manager has confirmed her suicide. Siya Kakkar’s suicide comes just days after Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

However, the major suspense still remains about Sushant’s reason for suicide. A lot of speculative stories are coming up from the wide but the most interesting yet shocking revelation is about the post from her manager, Arjun Sarin. Arjun found Siya to be normal and cheerful according to their last conversation. Siya Kakkar was signed up on contact with Fame Expert’s owned by Arjun.
Siya Kakkar was allegedly upset over the lack of work and assignments due to the Covid-19 lockdown but its not only effects her life.
Another interesting speculation about Siya’s possible reason for suicide may be depression. A lot of reports related to Siya Kakkars poor mental health is attributed to her sudden decision to end her life.
With regard to the suicide note, the police are still conducting a search and no suicide note has been found in Siya’s room so far. The suicide of Siya Kakkar has sent ripples across the social media stardom and called for better compassion and positivity to prevail.
The Covid-19 lockdown has witnessed an increased number of mental health issues and depression tolls and it is encouraged to take help before it is too late.

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